Kaduwela Mallika writes to the Attorney general

by Harshi C. Perera

Dear Attorney General,

(January 05, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) I think you have already read my story which was published in the Sri Lanka Guardian, Sinhala website. The heading of it was ‘Thalangama police arrested a heart patient’, to take revenge when a bribe of Rs. 300,000/= demanded by the police was denied, now the patient has been detained in the Welikada remand prison for more than two and half years.

I was remanded on 05.06.2008 and still I am in the Welikada remand prison.. My remand number is 1110 and the case (No. B 2303) is under hearing before the Kaduwela Magistrate Court.

The police arrested me on a charge of possession and selling of two packet of heroine which weight 80mg each and produced me before the court.

I am a 54 years old mother and a heart patient. The prison doctor who examined me on 19.06.2008 diagnosed that there is a hole in my heart. Medical facilities are not available to treat me at the Colombo National Hospital. It would cost Rs.175,000/= if I get the treatment from outside. However, I have already applied to the president’s fund but there is no reply yet.

Now my case is kept for the Attorney General’s instruction and I am waiting for a long period in anticipation. I firmly believe that you, as the Attorney General, and the Government Analysts are responsible for the unbelievable court delays which regrettably prevail in this country. You two are also responsible for the congestion in Sri Lanka prisons which is the most popular topic widely criticized in these days.

So I expect and request you that you will commit yourself in the future to stop the unforeseen happenings of injustice to the pre trial detainees who are remanded at the Women’s Ward of Welikada prison because your negligence is the main reason for the unaccountable court delays.

Kaduwela Mallika
Suspect Number 1110

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