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God has spoken - Who said there is no God

by Subramaniam Masilamany

Suffering produces endurance
Endurance produces stamina
Stamina produces Courage
Courage produces Character
Character produces Faith
Faith produces Hope
Hope produces believe
Believe produces Excellence.

(February 03, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) We understand that Mahinda rajapaksa has cancer. We don’t know. When there is no other way to find justice for his atrocities an incurable disease is the right punishment. He may cure him self but that fear of cancer remerging is sufficient punishment for him. We wondered how to find justice for this national pestilence and his disease; we didn’t have any difficulty to find him guilty. Please get the difference. We asked every one, no avail.

But God intervened and said let me not only show him that justice alive but let me also others to know that they have failed in their conscience. Well now it is his baby, he can nurse his karma. Whether he has cancer or not is not the question, why such a silent and secret trip? Why was there no welcome red carpet at the air port, why has not he appeared in the public since early January 2011? According to his confident he has some serious illness, he did not elaborate. But let assume that he has a serious health issue. We have based our suspicions based on circumstantial evidence, the first one came from Thai Pongal day when the “head gear” (Thalipa) fell off his head while putting rice into the pot. Second evidence came from his visit to the flood ravaged area in the east where he has to cut short of his visit. The oxford debacle drained his adrenaline and energy and exposed the deep seated disease in him. If I am wrong I will ask for forgiveness from our viewers.

Some people said there is no God; they are innocent and naïve people. Air is every where but do you see it? No. So is God, not everything is visible. God in omnipresent do you see him not, but he is guiding you all day. Okay fine there is no God, so what caused cancer in Mahinda Rajapaksa’s body? His Karma, the law of nature is for every reaction there is opposite reaction or Law of retribution, we pay for all our sins. You don’t have to believe me, just visit the nearest hospital and ask those patients they will tell you what is waiting for the non believers.

I did not see the breeze therefore there is no Air! Will you believe it? No. God is universal conscience and the universe exists and operates under immutable laws. We accept scientific laws but we hesitate to accept natural laws. I do not how many people use prayer as a medicine; I do it, works wonderful. It is better as preventive medicine. Who is interested in preventive medicine? They want to wait till they get sick then god comes to them. Didn’t you notice that Mahinda was a regular visitor to Hindu temples, he was asking for forgiveness for the sins. If any one thinks the war was a divine parade he is insane.

Innocent people sought asylum in churches and temples and he ordered them to bomb them. What is this sea change I see, Buddhist monks who lead the racial parades all of a sudden talking like Lord Buddha and one people and one nation concept? What changed? Who changed? And who changed them?

Listen to this carefully, during the last phase of the war, India provided a unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to relay live on real time video picture to Mahinda Rajapaksa and he watched every second of it. A man watching innocent people being killed. To him it was entertainment. Human lives are entertainment. That is disgusting and you deserve a punishment. No man made judge was able to pass judgment so the lord took over the proceedings and here you are a life time punishment of slow painful death.

Only weapon we were left with was prayer and we prayed; every morning I sat down for 2 minutes and ask for justice from the almighty, around the latter part of January 2011 I felt something a kind of feeling that redemption is coming. And bingo, new item from a very pious lady said “God has spoken Mahinda has cancer”, then another person sent an email, “who said there is no god”, and Rajapaksa has gone to USA for cancer treatment. This particular video is done as a tribute to these two people. People say there is no god; they have not prayed long enough to discover God. Oh what a naivety.

Mr.Ban Ki Moon, India and China will forever live with this guilt, they will pay their price too. No escape, there is no escape God has very power GPS. He can spot any one anywhere anytime. When did man become so arrogant? Ban ki Moon did not have the intellect to know what is right and what is wrong, but he knew who is right and who is wrong. His people are right and others wrong.

But now god has put Melinda is a right listening mode so let’s give him a dose of morality on top of dose radiation therapy. Once you were a highly sought out man for the world believed that you are the modern giant of morality that is the world we are living today. It is about popularity or notoriety. But you can do one great service to humanity, please say I am sorry, I should not have killed innocent people. I am guilty, when you do that your incurable disease will be cured. Prabaharan perished with his people, but why don’t you ask for forgiveness for your sins, we are not asking for your blood. We will not we are Tamils.

Remember that the future generations of Singhalese are going to pay the price. That is the law of the universe. It is message to Sonia Gandhi and India, Ho Jin Tao and China that they two have sins to repent for. There is no easy way out. Penance has to be paid. What can the Tamils who through their naivety, innocence and sometimes ignorance supported war crimes and genocide can do, they should serve the community in some way they can, but don’t leave it for your future generation. What I say my sound philosophical but life is philosophy, if you don’t make it then you will suffer it. What can Gothabaya, Mervyn Silva, Karuna and Douglas do, well you have to wait for your turn to pay for your sins. You time will come and it will come.

But one thing we all learned that there is some power out there which moderates all what we do, some one is running a balance sheet and profitable and loss account and each day either you are credited with good or debited with bad and these are added to you karma. If you don’t believe me, then don’t believe me. But you will find out. These are universal laws, not my law.

We Tamils stood on a firm high moral ground. We stood so high that we were able to see the future in the horizon. We knew that we have to adhere to firm rules otherwise we will stumble and fall down. That is why even at old age we stand firm, work 16 hours a day with excellent health. Our parents and our teachers taught and implanted in us the right moral principles in our moral computer as our bug free operating system. We never had any problem making the right decisions, when in doubt we went into extreme deliberation; never a decision was made if there is even sliver of doubt or harm. Compare that with the world losers are making decision. Our moral compass didn’t even deviate a millionth of an inch; we knew what is exactly right and wrong. That is what we are teaching our children, we are not training them and send them to kill innocent people. That is why mahinda has cancer; 20 million people are suffering from cancer. Let any man or any Sri Lankan man stand up and say that what happened in Mullivialkal did not happen. Let the people who escape the carnage speak out, let the world hear the truth. The truth will come out.

If he has cancer, now he has joined the other at the half way house to hell. A Hospital is in fact a half way house, either you can come back into civil society or you can go to hell. He is a mere number of a docket waiting for a kind hearted nurse come and take care of him. I hope that experience will transform this mans heart.

Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy is torture chambers, people go for these treatments lose their hair and it is painful. A person I know went for chemotherapy and said it is one of the most painful feelings and finally he chose to die than going for therapy he said that let me die than dying! Mahinda Rajapaksa must live dying to the tears and trauma of innocent Tamils. If any one thinks that he did not give the orders to kill innocent Tamil, he must seek psychiatric help.

Here is a punishment that you can blame no one other than yourself. Am I heartless person? No, I am speaking on behalf of those innocents Tamil killed. On behalf of Lasantha, Ehneligoda and the other 40,000 people whom I don’t have their names. Who gave the orders to kill innocent people? When the head of the nation refuses to investigate he is the suspect.

And to Mr. Ban Ki Moon, God has spoken, and now you can stand up without drooping tell the world now I have the moral stamina to say let investigate him. The wheel of justice turns very slowly for it has to deliberate vary carefully, very delicately, very wisely and very finely. Once it has spoken there is no recourse. When man does not apply his sound judgment, God takes over and the punishment from is unquestionable.

This is how we start our day, we cleanse our body, we light the traditional oil lamp, we sound the cymbal to harmonize and harness the waves, sing the divine verses, practice absolute silence for a few minutes and thank god for all the blessing and teaching and humbly request for a divine intervened day. You want to defeat that community. Never.

I go to homes and see TV and Time pieces no God on the wall. That is why people lost their moral discourse. But what happens in Sri Lanka is a man get up put on his murderer uniform pick up his gun and go hunting for innocent Tamils, if he kills gets promoted. There is no moral justice and no legal justice; there is only one judge Mahinda Rajapaksa. He is above all. Mass murders are all promoted but mindful and moral people are all killed. Lasantha and Ekneligoda are the prime evidence of an evil triangle of Sri Lanka.

We asked for help from United nations, USA, UK, EU and other world nations to intervene but they did not. India and china supplies weapons of mass scale destruction. The United Nation has a head he has problem with moral issues, he gives into charlatans foxy cunning devious verbal interjections into his feeble minds. He is unable to make a moral decision so he contemplates and procrastinate hoping things will go away. Mr. Ban Ki Moon it will not away. We don’t wait for action from a super power or super powerful, they super powerless. We are ordinary people with extraordinary conscience, relentless, determined, persevering and steadfast people, we don’t move as Robert schuller said “let the mountain move, we are not moving” our power lies not in the barrel of guns or in White Van Terror cartel but in our unwavering commitment to what is right than who is right, Prayer and clear conscience are invincible weapons. Try stopping them!

We were powerless, our powers were taken away, but there is one power the barbarians were able to take away, that is our freedom to think, that no enemy can take it away.

May be they pretend to change but first justice has to be meted out to the criminals.

Sri Lankan Singhalese must pay the price for their 60 years of atrocities. Going around the world telling that the LTTE killed Tamils will not do, for no one believes that and besides LTTE may also means Lifting Tamil Tide Everywhere, what is wrong with that?

Here is word of encouragement to Tamils, I live in Canada but it is applicable to any free nations. Here is copy of Charter of Rights and freedoms, these are things that are guaranteed in the constitution, this is the criminal code, these are things that you cannot do. What you can do and what you cannot do. In one sentence do not resort to violence, terrorism, subversion or bearing fire arms and you are scot-free to do anything else.

If the Sri Lankan government agents call you a terrorist, do not worry, collect money but register with the government and account it properly, file your tax return. No body can stop you collecting money; if you do illegally then you will be in trouble.

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