Jayaweva (victory) brigade in London thwart Pathmanathan appointment

(February 12, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Following sustained pressure from the extremist Jayaweva (Victory) brigade associated with the Sri Lanka High Commission on the appointment of the Minister Councillor at the Chennai mission in India K. Pathmanathan as High Commissioner to the United Kingdom the government has now withdrawn appointment.

The right wing Jayaweva brigade involving the SLFP branch head, President of Sinhala Association, Sri Lankans Against Terrorism (SLAT) and the Sinhala Bala Mandalaya have put pressure on the government to withdraw the appointment of the new High Commissioner who is a Tamil.

Following his appointment, the Sri Lanka High Commission had printed business cards for K Pathmanathan as High Commissioner and even he had met the officials and members of foreign missions and introduced him as the new emissary.

It is now claimed that K Pathmanathan is not the High Commissioner and he is only a Minister Councillor at the mission.

The Jayaweva brigade lead in association by Janaka Alahaperuma, Anura Medagedera, Douglas Wickramarane and their subordinates is said to have inflicted heavy pressure on the government to withdraw the appointment of a Tamil as High Commissioner. They had branded K Pathmanathan as another KP of the LTTE currently held in luxury captivity by the government. LTTE’s KP was the group’s arms procurement head until 2009.

Following the demotion of K Pathmanathan, the former Deputy High Commissioner Amsa is claiming that he is in full control of the affairs of the Mission and he is still the Acting High Commissioner.

When the news of the appointment was published in the Sri Lanka Guardian a well respected Sri Lankan (a Sinhalese) once associated with the UK Mission stated: ‘Read your story about the New HC… the Jayawewas of the Diaspora must be choking on their Nescafe’s while they digest this latest information….. What a way to show them the finger…. Good on Mahinda or whoever it is for the appointment of this guy to the post….. ha bloody ha……. How funny and how ironic the nationalists must be gob smacked… I also have it on very good authority that while many in the Diaspora complained about Jayasinghe (former High Commissioner) the only people who sang his praises were Medagedera and Bulathwela et al!!! Wouldn’t it be nice to see Douglas Wickramaratna… licking the ar** of the new HC….’

Following the summersault by the Sri Lankan government on the appointment, the very same concerned and passionate Sri Lankan stated: ‘If the Jayawewa brigade HAS so much clout then they are stronger than I thought….. if business cards were also printed for Path as the new HC to London then sure the Jayawewa bridgade has pulled a fast one… it is silly really as now we will get a Sinhala man who will know to tow the Brigade and cause further divisions’.
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