Religion will be the Cause of World War III

by Dirgha Raj Prasai

(February 16, Kathmandu, Sri Lanka Guardian) When blind people separately feel the organs and limbs of an elephant they come to varying conjectures. Similarly, the Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian religions are exchanging recriminations for their own persistence. Actually, the world are getting forgotten the Religious norms and values gradually. Religion has been made a tool to retain the monopoly in the world. Hinduism and Buddhism have maintained a harmonious relationship and adopted the policy of co-existence. However, the conflict between Christianity and Muslim religion has been intensifying. They are not taking any steps to create an environment of reconciliation.

America has been adopting the imperialistic policy through Christianity in the world. America does not like China’s increasing influence and popularity. It wants to destabilize China at any cost. India is nurturing similar interest and it could take a definite shape in near future. Nepal lies in between India and China. Nepal and India share a common relation in terms of geography and culture, despite which, Nepal suffers from Indian intervention and conspiracies. Although China is further away geographically, Nepal does not feel any threat emanating from it. China stands against those who seek opportunity to exploit Nepal.

It is a matter of grief that the imperialist and expansionist forces to serve their interest could use Nepal as a base and subsequently lead to its disintegration. After the collapse of Soviet Russia, America feels China as the one and only competitor. America envies Chinese increasing market in the world and its cheap products. America's desire is to take the world under the grip of its monopoly.

America is backing Dalai Lama for Free Tibet campaign under the pretext of human rights. Its intention is to disintegrate China by pointing to the human rights violations in Tibet. The fact is that the Dalai Lama is becoming old is of concern to America. In his life-time, America wants to have success in its attempt. Although, according to hearsay, America has prepared replacement in case anything unfortunate happens to the religious leader 2nd Dali Lama.

America, Christian Mission, CIA and Indian intelligence wing ‘RAW’ know that Nepal could be an obstruction unless it is under their influence. So the wave of secularism and federalism became the top most priority in Nepal. The King could not be a matter of headache for America had he been tolerant for Free-Tibet. But the King did not allow Nepali soil to be used against Chinese interest. So, America and Christian countries had invested some amount (sugarcoated poison) to the Nepalese traitors to declare republic. They understood that the continuation of the royal institution in Nepal meant the failure of Free Tibet agenda. Then, Nepal could not be transformed into a Christian state. So as to achieve this objective ‘RAW’ was taken into confidence and millions worth of financial incentives provided to traitors (political leaders) and the Maoists. They firmly believed that the monarch could be removed through instigation of a bloody agitation. In this way, the world powers poured into Nepal for republic and secularism.

A fact of significance has become public through dailies as Gorkhapatra and Annapurna Post (Nepalese newspapers) that European nations, United Nations Human Rights Commission and Christian Mission have provided abundant financial support to the Maoists. Indian leader Sonia Gandhi (Italian Christian) is supporting Nepali leaders, specially the Maoists, to promote Christianity in Nepal and Asia. The Christians are confidently roaming the villages of Nepal and turning Dalits, poor and greedy persons into Christians by providing them financial support. It was the support of the Maoists that made possible secularism and republic in Nepal. They plan to turn Nepal into a Christian state by instilling fear of Maoist army. However the nationalist side in the Maoist party has understood this plot. They will not support the foreigner's agendas.

It is to be noted that whenever America destabilizes a nation it instigates discord in the ethnic line. They are made to raise the issue of language. They are shown economic incentives and convert Christian. We know- 'Christians misappropriated the name of Jesus and produced a demonic religion called Christianity which came into existence during the period of King Constantine, four hundred years after the death of Jesus the Christ. Christianity attempted to wipe out the Jews and was at loggerheads with Islam which came into existence later. The Crusades were waged and millions of people perished in the wars. The Semitic religions under the control of fanatic and fundamentalist bigots unleashed reins of terror destroying human societies.'

America is responsible for disintegration of Yugoslavia into many pieces, which was caused due to the same reasons as ethnicity and language. There had been infiltrations in the Red Army of Soviet Union. America made the Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachyov to disassociate with 'Glasnos't (openness), 'Perestroika' (restructuring democratization’s policy. Then, Soviet Russia was disintegrated into fifteen pieces. Similarly, Sudan was divided into two on basis of ethnic communal issue. How can we Nepalese united people achieve national unity when the citizens are concentrated on the issues of ethnicity, language and regional division?

The indigenous leaders of Nepal are fueled with the slogans of ethnicity, language and region on basis of federalism. The efforts of the American intelligence-CIA, UNMIN and Indian intelligence-RAW are continuing to destabilize the harmonious relationship existing between the Nepali people. They are using the help of human rights slogan by the Nepalese so-called intellectuals-'the traitors' to achieve this goal. The criminal culture perpetuated by the anti national corrupt political leaders has been allowed foreign invasion, destruction of this pious land, border disorder and anti social behavior.

Apart from Nepal, American interest in the Arab nation is for influencing the oil mine, diamond, jewelries and invaluable minerals. In terms of Nepal the difference in American objective is that here they want to bring Christianity and destabilize China, whereas, India wants to exploit Nepal’s natural resources. At first America accepts all kinds of interest but later when the opportunity arises, like a wolf that seeks entrails, it uses all means and accusations as declaring terrorists or hijacking human rights.

American intellectual Federick P. Hits has written on American infamous policy, “America was supporting the Iranian monarch Shah while its intelligence organization ‘CIA’ was giving financial support to the King Mohamad Reza Shah’s rival Khomini. In 1958 Iraq, America supported Saddam Hussein against the young king-Faisal II. It fueled Hussein against Iraq during the war with Iran. Then ‘CIA’ used to support both Saddam Hussein and Iran at the same time. We can understand the American dual characteristic and conspiracies which traits are also harmful for America also.

Later for oil Iraq was attacked. The Iraqi brokers were used to topple the statue of the same Saddam Hussein. Iraq plunged into civil war and Saddam Hussein was hanged till death. Similarly, in 1979 Bin Laden was made a popular leader to implement US imperialism in Arabic countries. When America could not get along with Bin Laden to manipulate Afghanistan, they separated. Now America is using a big force against Bin Laden. In reality America is playing a role of the terrorist to terrorize the world. Christian religion and human rights agendas are American weapon of terrorism. America is spending a lot of money in the name of human rights and it is spilling blood. Apart from the expenses of Christian Mission and European nations to spread Christianity in the world ‘CIA’ alone spends $ 1 billion annually. Because the conspirator's team should think-if your mother rapped in front of you imagine mentally, similarly the Hindus and Buddhist also can't resist their downfall.

America is spending millions amount in Nepal for the same purpose. It is to be noted that the monolithic embassy constructed by America at Maharajgunj in Kathmandu does not serve Nepal’s interest. The purpose of that great house (palace) is to disintegrate China by achieving the goal of Free Tibet. Many monasteries in northern Nepal are built with CIA support. Young Nepali boys and girls are given training to become a monk. This is how they produce Dalai Lama force. Now the religious leader lives at Dharmashala in India amidst high security.

Nepal motherland can be killed with the ailment of four diseases. Categorically, (1) corruption, (2) Christianity, (3) cancer and (4) communists (whom after 2005 are directed by RAW). The four 'C's are the biggest diseases for Nepal. All Nepali people are well acquainted with cancer. All our energies should be directed to find the solution to remaining three diseases- corruption, Christianity and communists (only the agents of RAW and CIA). Then, only can our holy land be turned from impurity to a secured state.

For the sake of country's sovereignty and identity, the continuity of the royal institution and Hindu and Buddhist state is compulsory. Unless the identities of the nation remain intact Nepal will not face any sort of danger. It is a forecast emanating from my deep thinking that if these diseases are not treated World War III will start from Nepal as it will become a base- land.

Yes, if III world war starts the world will be divided into two poles. America, European nations, India and Christian countries will be divided into one pole. Hindu (all over the world including Indian), Buddhist and Muslim religions for their survival will come under one alliance. Nepal, China, Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Malaysia, Russia including those against American imperialism and Indian expansionism (paper Tigers) will be united in the world war. Then nations including China will use all its force to destroy the American conspiracy.

We have studied that China is not as weak as before. Tibetan people are satisfied with Chinese policy. All the sides will incur tremendous losses in the war but American existence will end. America has sought such a cause itself. All the forces of the world will unite against it. When Hindus, Buddhists and Muslim nations and Muslims join hand, America and its supporters will not be able to resist for one week. India will disintegrate into 20-25 pieces.

If America wants peace it must abandon its suicidal conspiratorial plans. The days when America showed its monopoly are over. It is because of its own works America will face its destruction. I am political astrologer. This is my forecasting- if America and European nations fail to think creatively religion will become the cause of the third World War.

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