CaTpad demands the President of Srilanka to setup Parliament commission to monitor NERDO’s role in Rehabilitation and Development.

(March 02, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy (CaTpad) demands the Srilankan President Mahinda Rajapakse to come out with truth and to be transparent about North East Rehabilitation and Development Organization with is controlled by the former Head of LTTE International Operations and arms smuggler Kumaran Pathmanaban alias K.P.

We strongly argue the present ruling government under President Mahinda Rajapakse has broken all the promises made to the people of Srilanka and disrespect parliamentary democracy by hiding the facts of the role of NERDO and its covert operations in North supported by State machinery. It was first announced in the parliament earlier that NERDO is not registered in Srilanka and K.P was not allowed to do any rehabilitations. Later Government admitted K.P is permitted to carry out only rehabilitation projects including rehabilitating of LTTE cadres. There were reports K.P has brought millions of LTTE funds into Srilanka and so far there were no accounts or disclosures of the recovered LTTE funds and whereabouts of the recovered money.

The Government has not even spoken a word of the recovered LTTE funds which have been brought to Srilanka was transferred to State accounts or going again to the LTTE coffins of K.P’s NERDO. We suspect that this recovered LTTE funds may flow into the account of LTTE controlled NEDRO, which will help to rehabilitate only the LTTE cadres and families specifically strengthening the hands of the Mafia King K.P to crown him as the President’s man of the North. The open announcement made by Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne stating that the Srilanka Freedom Party is ready to accept K.P as its member strengthens our argument that K.P will be soon converted into a Political figure in North. This announcement would have not taken place without the blessings and authorization of the President which clearly indicated that K.P has the blessings of ruling party. In many occasions government ministers has repeatedly said that K.P is still under investigations and under Government control, actions will be taken against him once the investigations are over. Due to the support of ruling party, we believe K.P will not be punished for his atrocities and will escape form lawful punishment. Therefore we Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy calls on the Government of Srilanka to appoint a Parliamentary committee to investigate, K.P’s role in LTTE and his operations as head of the LTTE’s International wing.

We also demand the President of Srilanka, to announce the overseas assets recovered by the government to the public whom are bound to know the truth. This is the right of every citizen of the country, who suffered by three decades of Terrorism and separatist war. It cannot be kept secret just by saying for security reasons. The Government should declare all the overseas assets recovered from LTTE and the funds that have been brought in into Srilanka. We demand the government to disclose to the parliament about the recovered funds and how is it used.

We also demand to set up a parliamentary enquiry commission compromising members of all the political parties to monitor the K.P’s role in NEDRO, nature of rehabilitations and the funding. It is necessary to watch where the funds come and how it is used. We urge the Government of Srilanka to monitor the LTTE controlled Tamil Diaspora and the old guards of the Vanni regime visiting K.P freely and its participation in the rehabilitations, which might pose a great security threat to the Nation in future. It is in our concern of security of all Srilankans and the peace to be established, We Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy demand the President to fulfill our request.

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