Is Prime Minister Suffering from Fear psychosis?

Prime Minister blessed by a Hindu Priest
by Namal De Silva

(March 10, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The eighty years old Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Dissanayaka Mudiyanselage Jayaratne (known as D. M Jayaratne and "Di Mu" Jayaratne) is said to be suffering from Tamil Tiger haunt syndrome even after the LTTE has been militarily vanquished outright by the government.

He is the only member of the government who expresses fear of LTTE activities despite the President and the entire government machinery claiming absolute victory in the war.

Whilst other members of the government vivify over the outright victory, the Prime Minister is time and again is making extremely obtuse and silly claims about the LTTE.

Whilst the President Dr Mahendra Percy Rajapakse is claiming outright victory over the LTTE in every available forum and the government going out of the way to hold an international seminar over the victory, the cry of the Prime Minister is said to be causing concern for some circles within the government.

The Sinhalese call this behaviour holmana (haunting ghost) syndrome and Hindu Tamils say this can be cured by Sathir Aatam and pooja. It makes one to think whether Prime Minister D M Jayaratne is haunted by the dead LTTE Pirabakaran’s and/or Pottu Amman’s ghosts needing pooja in a Kaali Hindu temple to overcome his obsession.

According to his latest outburst, the 80 year old Prime Minister has claimed ‘the LTTE has three training centres in Tamil Nadu and one is where the Tigers are being trained to assassinate VIPs’. His paranoia is such that he also said that LTTE activists V. Rudrakumaran in the US, Nediyawan in Norway and Vinayagam in India are involved in funding these operations’. Even the experienced army intelligence head Major General H. K. G. Hendawitharane’s mind will be boggling with these discharges of the Prime Minister.

His outbursts indicate that he must be screaming in his sleep in fear of the Tamil Tigers.

Little bit of advice from the LTTE VIP in the government comfort KP would have avoided the fear sentiment of the Prime Minister. But he is said to be avoiding to make use of the available resources at his disposal before his rants to be reported in the media.

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