Solidarity meeting step in the right direction

(March 15, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) A major solidarity meeting held in London at the Harrow Leisure Centre on 13 (Sunday) 2011 in support of the 2,500 kilometres walk from Chennai to Delhi by the Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front (ENDLF) is claimed to be a landmark event when diverse Tamil opinions were expressed and without any divisions to unilaterally express support to the walk and praise the need and purpose of such effort.

Dr A Nicholaspillai chaired the meeting

The speakers spoke in support of the ENDLF’s walk demanding the full implementation of the Indo-Lanka Accord and the removal of all planned Sinhala colonisations in the north and east of Sri Lanka.

The meeting coincided with the marchers reaching the historical city of Agra and almost on their final leg to reach Delhi. Over one hundred and fifty activists and supporters are said to be marching through seven states and expected to reach Delhi on the 24 March where they will be handing over their memorandum to political leaders and decision makers publicly.

The London meeting was chaired by Dr Anthonipillai Nicholaspillai of the London branch of the TULF. The speakers included I T Sampanthan, Sivapalan, Councillor Paul Sathiyanesan, Ravi Sundaralingam, P Sivasubramaniam, Nallathamby Jeyapalan, R Jayadevan, Mahalingasivam, S Yogarajah, S Aravinthan, Navaratnam Paramakumar, R Manoharan, Miss Vasanthy Subramaniam, T Sothilingam, Dr Bala, Dr Ratneswaran, V Sivalingam, Kesavan, Gengatharan, V Ramaraj and P Sathyaseelan.

The speakers touched on many diverse issues affecting the Eelam Tamils and stressed the need for active Indian engagement at the critical time in the history of the Tamil people. Strong expression to the extent of incorporating the north and east of Sri Lanka as part of federal Indian state too was expressed.

Meeting also remembered the tragic death of a marcher Sudarsan who died in a motor accident during the walk.

The speakers expressed serious concerns about the Sri Lankan government policy of systematically Sinhalising the Tamil areas under its naïve economic development programme without touching on the issue of proper devolution of power to deal with the political stalemate facing the country.

Following successful conclusion of the meeting, the organisers have decided to handover the recording of the proceedings of the meeting to the Indian government with their memorandum in Delhi at the end of ENDLF’s long walk.

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