Stupidity has no limits

by Vickramabahu Karunaratne

(March 13, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It has been reported that several European Union nations are poised to pass resolutions against Sri Lanka, similar to those passed by the United States Senate sometime back, applying pressure on the country to conduct an independent probe into allegations of war crimes. Some have warned that these resolutions may be directed at imposing economic sanctions.

Blake comments

Before the said US resolution, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Robert Blake, said in an interview, “But we believe that to truly realize the promise that Sri Lanka has, that it is going to be very important to achieve national reconciliation so that all of the citizens of Sri Lanka feel there is a just and durable peace after the end of the war in May of 2009. So as you say, we have been encouraging the government of Sri Lanka, to really take steps to ensure such a just and durable peace. We welcome the fact that the Sri Lankan government has entered into a dialogue now with the Tamil National Alliance, and that two rounds of dialogue have been held. I understand those have been quite constructive. I understand a third round was to have been held but has been postponed, so I hope that can be rescheduled as soon as possible. But I would say that the really major issue now for us and for many members of the international community is the question of accountability. As you know, the UN has estimated that many thousands of civilians were killed at the end of, in the final few months of the war. Those need to be investigated, preferably by the Government of Sri Lanka and its own institutions.”

The expression is elegant, pleasant and sounds democratic. That is exactly how imperialism works today. However Blake made the point clear when he emphasized, “I want to make a point here, which is that the United States is not holding Sri Lanka to any special standards. You will note that, for example, over the weekend the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed a resolution against Libya on Saturday night. One of the provisions of that resolution was to refer Moammar Qadhafi to the International Criminal Court so that they could investigate alleged war crimes and abuses against his people. So this is a very common thing.” Of course, imperialism is prepared to give a chance to their puppet regime. Hence Blake had also added, “But I think also it’s important to say that if Sri Lanka is not willing to meet international standards regarding these matters that there will be pressure to appoint some sort of international commission to look into these things.”

Slave of global powers

Today imperialism works as a united club of all powerful states. In that sense, the world has arrived at the stage of post modernist super imperialism. Economic power is in the hands of the Multi National Corporations (MNC) system managed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)/World Bank (WB)/World Trade Organization (WTO). Hence we have to take Blake’s words seriously. He is talking on behalf of the system including its minor partners - India, China, etc. Global powers instigated and supported the genocidal war of the Mahinda regime. While enjoying the benefits of the war, world powers including India are pressing the government to clean up the marks of inhuman acts perpetrated during the war. Mahinda and his chauvinist friends accused us of supporting the LTTE to earn a living. On that basis they hunted and tried to kill us. The attack organized at the Katunayake airport on December 7 last year, was for that purpose. Now Mahinda is hunted by his friends and masters. Those who instructed him to follow a genocidal war are planning to take him to the international courts. The tragedy is that stupidity has no limits.

Misery, hunger and foreign domination

Mahinda was not prepared to negotiate with the rebels in Sri Lankan soil. With advice and funds from the global powers, he attacked the rebels who were in the midst of other people. It turned out to be a genocidal war. That brought nothing to the Sinhalese people except misery, hunger and foreign domination. Even after the tragedy, the policy of the Mahinda regime was to hoodwink the Tamil people. It is clear that Mahinda has extended the Tamil national problem beyond Sri Lankan borders to the international arena. He celebrated killings of the Tigers and Tamil youth demanding freedom for a Tamil homeland. But now international tigers are on the prowl in the entire island. Chauvinist fools who ruled this country have brought hunger and slavery to all of us. If we do not solve the Tamil national problem ourselves, then we are giving space for alien powers to intervene. Even today it is not too late to think of a solution based on equality, autonomy and the right to self determination of the Tamil people.

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