UFOs -- Yet another attempt to discredit Sri Lanka

by Stewart Mulder Sloan
(The opinions are those of the author)

(March 03, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka Guardian) The truth, it is said, is out there. Chickens, for example, cross the road. How many chickens do you have to see crossing the road before you accept the fact that chicken cross the road? And speaking of roads, how many pots do you have to find in Sri Lankan roads before you realise that the minister responsible for roads is not doing his job. And who, exactly, is responsible for roads in Sri Lanka; let's see, (quick check on Sri Lankan Ministers website) oops, it is none other than His Excellency the President, Mahinda Rajapakse who is also the Minister for Defence, Finance & Planning and Ports and Aviation. Of course it could be argued that with all that on his plate it is no wonder he doesn't have time to look after the roads.

Almost daily now there are reports on the conditions of the roads in Sri Lanka, even in Colombo and one must question as to whether there might be link between the recent UFO sightings reported in the British press (The Express, March 3) and the abundance of pot holes in the roads. The British gentleman who made the sighting passed on the information to the relevant office in the UK but received the reply that they only had responsibility for sightings in Britain. "Defence of Sri Lankan airspace is clearly a matter for the Sri Lankan Government and you may wish to pursue your enquiries with them." Whether he did or not is not known.

Current and historic science fiction tells us that UFO's are synonymous with the disappearance and mutilation of cattle and even the temporary disappearance of people. This would appear to indicate that the UFO pilots are infinitely more compassionate than Sri Lankan authorities because when they disappear a person that person stays disappeared.

But how can UFOs be blamed for the condition of the roads? Well, obviously the aliens are acting in collaboration with the Tamil Diaspora and perhaps even Western interests to further discredit the Sri Lankan government by digging up samples to take back to their home planet for examination. Perhaps they want to know how to avoid potholes?

Stewart Mulder Sloan resides in Hong Kong where he is employed as an editorial assistant. He has studied the occult and supernatural for more than 40 years and written books on the subject. Comments and suggestions on this article may be forwarded to comments.jss@gmail.com

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