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Ambassador Karannagoda visits evacuation centres in Japan

(April 05, Tokyo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Ambassador Admiral (Rtd.) Wasantha Karannagoda with Embassy staff and Sri Lankan community members in Japan visited two evacuation centres in Fukushima prefecture in Japan on Sunday (03/04) to show solidarity with the people and Government of Japan.

With the strong support of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Tokyo, the Sri Lankan Honorary Consuls of Ibaraki and Osaka along with the Sri Lankan community in Japan gave Sri Lankan rice and curry to over 800 evacuees in two centres in the Fukushima prefecture. Most of the evacuees were those that were seeking shelter as a result of the close proximity from their residences to the Daiichi nuclear facility in Fukushima.

Ambassador Karannagoda speaking to the evacuees at the Denso Higashi Nippon Centre in Tamura city stated that Japan has always supported Sri Lanka at times when the country was in need, especially remembering the time the tsunami struck the island in 2004, Japan was a close friend who extended valuable support. Sri Lanka now extends its fullest support to the Japanese government and its people. The evacuation centre shelters around 650 evacuees in the area.

At yet another evacuation centre in Tamura City which sheltered around 150 evacuees including differently-abled evacuees, they enjoyed the rice and curry prepared by the Sri Lankan community. The Ambassador stressed the importance of true friendship and stated that Sri Lanka will always stand by Japan in this time of need.

Mr. Yukei Tomitsuka, Mayor of Tamura city speaking at the gathering emphasized the solidarity shown by the Sri Lankan people and government to Japan and conveyed his appreciation for this kind deed.

Ambassador Karannagoda with Embassy staff on Friday (01/04) visited an evacuation centre in Kesennuma city in Miyagi prefecture located approximately 600km away from Tokyo where he presented tea to the evacuees sheltered at a centre managed by the Tosenji Temple. Most Venerable Chiba Shozo, Chief Priest of the Tosenji Temple who maintains very strong ties with Sri Lanka had supported Sri Lanka during the tsunami in 2004.

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