"Patriotism" is the right to fool the people

by George Dias

(May 16, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) This is a short response to Chrissy Abeysekera's excellent comments on Gomon Dayasiri's cheap attack on the UN Panel and its chairperson, Darusman. Gomin Dayasiri (Dias), is a "patriot", and therefore has no interest in justice. His idea is that for the sake of "Pariotism", truth and justice should be sacrificed.

The simple recommendation of the UN panel is that there should a genuine investigation into crimes of which there are credible complaints. When Gomin went to law school he would have learned the basic principle that all crimes need to investigated. But, he is now of the view that it is "unpatriotic" to investigate some crimes.

He see the UN Panel and the UN Secretary General as enemies and plotters against Sri Lanka and who has nothing better to do that to create trouble for the country.

Gomin who is quite an old lawyer knows the basics of criminal law as well as international law. He knows that the allegations he is making are unjust but, he believes that when it comes to "patriotism", he has a right to fool his own fellow country men and women.

The essence of patriotism these days is the right to fool the people. From morning to night that is what people hear. Even university teachers who demand salary increases are accused of being person who opposed the war and who are now disturbing Buddha- Jayanthi. This is the kind of Patriotism that is sold by our media.

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