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London is celebrates major Hindu temple festivals

Eelapatheeswarar Aalayam prior to
the present transformation
(June 19, London, Sri Lanka Guardian)Three Hindu temples run by the Sri Lankan Hindu community have celebrated the most auspicious Kumba Abishegam festivals in London with overwhelming attendance of Hindu devotees.

All three temples have celebrated this event on the twelfth year according to Hindu scriptures.

Latest of the three successive festivals took place at the renowned Eelapatheeswarar Aalayam, (the Shiva temple) based in Wembley, Middlesex.

The festival officially started on June 16, 2011 with special Yaga’s and Vedic prayers by many eminent priests who had come from the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu, Canada and the priest resident in the United Kingdom.

The temple is experienced the privilege of a well known recitor of Hindu devotional songs from India backed by live melodious Nadaswaram music by a renowned team of musicians.

The day long official Kumba Abhishegam took place at the temple on June 18 (Sunday), 2011.

The temple interior has undergone structural change to cater for the festival and Hindu deities especially crafted in Tamil Nadu has been installed with the day long oil festival held at the temple in preparation for the Kumba Abhishegam.

Cross section of the Hindu community has participated in these ceremonies and the community leaders are expected to join the celebrations.

Similar festival had taken place at the Shree Kanaga Durgai Amman temple in Ealing and Lewisham Shiva Temple. The Lewisham Shiva temple held its festival at its newly constructed temple premises built according to the South Indian traditions with the Gopuram, whilst Kanaga Durgai Amman temple went through internal transformation like the Eelapatheeswarar Aalayam for the festival.

At Eelapatheeswarar Alayam special prayers and silence was observed for all those killed in the war in Sri Lanka and for permanent peace for the traumatised people who are facing extreme hardships there.
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