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Finding My Own World

In terms of Sri Lanka, those who produced the ‘facts’ are not currently seen to be using the facts. One does not know whether these users actually feel connected to the producers of facts, to the extent they are using the facts – as if they had had the parallel experience (war and/or racial discrimination experience) in their environment which in this case is not the environment in which the war crimes facts were born.
by Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam

(July 19, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) Fact, Knowledge and Truth are the intellectual parallels of Body, Mind and Soul. In terms of work I call them Money, People and Ownership. Fact/Body/Money has specific form and is limited in movement by the boundaries of that form. Knowledge/Mind/People is a combination of the other two and when expressed indicates the level of combination of the other two. Truth/Soul/Ownership, is an inner experience which to me is never lost once we realize It. Once I realized It, I felt It was always there – waiting to be discovered.

The most intense period of my search was at the University of New South Wales. Like a good-looking body with a weak mind, the University of New South Wales proved to be the most challenging workplace of all. The greater the component of Body/Fact/Money in the Mind/Knowledge/People, the weaker the expressions. The experience at the University was the deepest for me due to my own pain. My pain was deep due to high expectations that a University’s investment in search of Truth would be deeper than at most other institutions. Now I identify that, in many ways it was also the place where most number of individuals - from Chancellor and Academics to Clerical Assistants - expressed appreciation for me as a person. Many seniors expressed appreciation for my ‘insight’ and did so on one to one. Back then in 1998, I expected them to show that appreciation in common forums too. I expected because that is what I do. Back then I did not know what they would do and hence I visualized as per my own past memories of my conduct with those of lesser status than I. Our expressions are a combination of our Belief and our Memory. Stronger the Belief component greater the stability of our expressions. They would remain stable across borders – of time and space.

A few did express at the common level. Those few did not seem to have the power to give form to their appreciation at the level I believe/d I had invested in. By continuing to establish my side at the level of the highest position I had invested in as per my assessment of my standards, I included the genuine few at their respective levels of expression, in my work to discover and ‘establish the facts born on the basis of my Truth. I believe that these facts would help all genuine seekers beyond time and space borders. There were accusations by migrant workers at the University, of Scientific fraud by their White Australian supervisor. This was followed by many other disasters for the University – similar to fate of News Corp that is currently unfolding. To me, all it takes is just one simple believer to be hurt for an empire to get its own karma back. Gandhi was a true believer and Gandhi’s investment was at the level of Governance of India, using global standards of his times. Hence the collapse of the British empire. This power of One as the driving force is rare. Usually it is the collective power of believers being stronger than the real powers of apparent custodians of power. Hence to me there is value in the belief of each and every one of us for the worlds we truly belong to.

The level at which we feel ownership is the world in which we believe and therefore the world which we would naturally protect and represent with self-confidence. The individual and the institution/world are One at that level. It is at this level that we feel Peace and Freedom.

Positions help us identify the level of this world that we seek to belong in. Often these positions are attractive or unattractive due to their body - made up of the money they return and the status they show. The more Body/Fact/Money we use, to get close to or into these positions, the less our

investment in the world headed by and/or influenced by that position. I believe that all believers naturally influence their worlds. Facts that do not influence are not based on belief.

We often read, hear and know facts from external sources. Not many of us use the facts produced by ourselves in expressing ourselves at the higher levels or wider circles. To the extent we are able to identify with facts produced by others through our own belief – and do so without any conscious thought – those facts are our facts. They are our facts because those bound by belief are One. This belief is the basis of family, institutional, communal, national and global powers.

To the extent we need to ‘think’ and connect – they are not yet our facts and they contain a component of hearsay which when included in our thinking, distracts us from developing belief, unless we bring them under objectively measurable merit basis starting with zero belief based judgment.

Those who were at the scene of birth of facts – but without any belief as to why the facts happened are independent observers and contribute strongly to the merit based decisions of global standards. Collectively such facts by independent observers establish the net value which is the ‘answer’ for the problem/opportunity for that time and place. It would help others in similar environments. It would however, not hold good in another environment outside that place and time - unless supported by believer in that new environment. This is why many migrants from East to West carrying ‘certificates’ representing a larger component of grades than belief in the institution/profession that issued that certificate – stagnate at lower levels of status compared to their counterparts who stayed at home in the East. This is also why occupiers of high positions in the West who often do not have the substance to the extent shown by that position in that institution, in that country, tend to be ‘blind’ to real deservedness of a migrant whom they would tend to assess as they were assessed – largely on hearsay for the migrant and as per their past for themselves. These are as per the memories they carry without belief based work to form new memories in new environments. These environments are new to both sides and not just to the migrant. Unless therefore a member of the majority race believes in the Government’s immigration policy and/or has had the direct experience with a migrant at least equal to her/himself in parallel position in the migrant’s country of origin, such member would naturally tend to allocate a lower status than her/himself to the migrant concerned. Each one of us is made up of a part of our countries, communities and families. Most of us ‘show’ this and the idle reader is likely to take us at face value unless that reader has knowledge that such idle reading could damage the reader. Migrants who believe that they deserve a position/status and are denied it and take action at the highest level available to the migrant – are promoting adjustment to new environments by the groups that these old occupants of high positions belong to. Such migrants contribute to Peace and have earned the support of global citizens.

The current hot topic relating to my mother country Sri Lanka is war crimes and relating to my father country Australia is Media Corruption.

In terms of Sri Lanka, those who produced the ‘facts’ are not currently seen to be using the facts. One does not know whether these users actually feel connected to the producers of facts, to the extent they are using the facts – as if they had had the parallel experience (war and/or racial discrimination experience) in their environment which in this case is not the environment in which the war crimes facts were born. Unless therefore users of these ‘facts’ have the belief through their own experiences, they need to consciously use merit basis at the highest levels available to them. Most migrants of Sri Lankan origin use other cultures to establish their thoughts – indicating that they have shifted their dependence from leaders of one culture to leaders of another culture. There are a few believers at various levels. Their independent thoughts and actions are the forms of real solutions at their respective levels which denote the boundaries of their worlds.

In terms of Australia and our coalition partners, we are learning through facts produced by the Media - that privacy of the Individual has been invaded towards more money and status. This happens often with migrants who do not feel their origins and therefore the origins of their current homes. In this regard, News Corp is the parallel of 9/11 attackers who, were or acted under the influence of, migrants who did not feel ‘at home’ in the USA. This happens with excessive money and/or status – to alienate us from our home environments. Money/Facts/Body separates. Ownership/Truth/Soul unites. Most of us are the middleclass in between. The more facts we produce and register in our minds – the closer we are to Ownership/Truth/Soul. The more we use others’ – the closer we are to Money/Facts/Body. The latter would hurt through separation from their origins sooner or later.

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