Potty Electioneering of President’s brother

by Our Correspondent in Jaffna

(July 05, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) Tamil votes have become more important for the Rajapakse Bros. these days. In order to lure the Tamil voters for his party and the paramilitary group of the discredited Minister Douglas Devananda, President’s brother and senior government Minister Basil Rajapakse has said that his brother the President, will give everything for the Tamils except for the lost lives in the war.

At the election campaign meeting held at the Veerasingham Hall in Jaffna on July 3, 2011 the President’s brother said: ‘President Mahinda Rajapakse will redeem everything for you, except for lost lives in the war. The only person who will bring back the lost peace is President Mahinda Rajapakse. Not only peace, importance is given for education and as a result modern technical college has been established in Jaffna and in addition efforts have been made to create a Engineering Faculty in the Jaffna University’ .

His speech failed to touch on accountability issues on the war and did not address the military occupation of the Tamil areas. Whilst attempting to lure the Tamils, the government is systematically settling the soldiers and their families as part of a campaign to dilute the Tamil areas. According eye witness account 4,000 soldiers and their families have been settled in Kilinochchi – the former head quarters of the defeated LTTE.

The Minister failed to address the issue of political resolution to the age old conflict. Instead in his vote luring speech, impressed that honey and scent will flow in the Tamil areas with the effort of the almighty President Dr Mahendra Percy Rajapakse and the Tamil people must vote for the criminal outfit of Douglas Devananda and his party in the forthcoming local election in Jaffna.

Gang raped and murdered Anita Annalingam of Potpathy Road, Kokuvil by the military outfit of Mohamed known as Ranjith group and many other rapes and murders by the government forces will not be erased from the collective memory of the Tamil people.

According to EPDP sources, massive vote rigging arrangements are being planned by the EPDP paramilitary group.

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