Rajapakse & Co’s., Creative Version of ‘Killing Fields’

A Reader’s Comment

(July 03, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) I have followed the Government version of the Channel 4 ‘killing fields’ revelations. I have some observations to make and these are:

1. When the Channel 4 released this hard evidence, the Sri Lankan government denied this as a fake and it is a bogus drama and it was shot outside Sri Lanka. Now they have turned the story and are claiming the recording is true but killers were the LTTE. From its denial position to acceptance of C4 presentation the government position has become true. What has happened to the government’s forensic experts reports? Is the Government now saying its experts were wrong and they have concocted and they are un-professionals?

2. In this government video, the Tamil dialogue does not reflect the Northern or Eastern Tamil accents.

3. There is a dialogue; one person in the video is saying: " Nee enna padam pidikkerai (Why are you are taking pictures). Northern or Eastern Tamil never say "padam pidikkerai", they say "padam eddukkerai".

4. One person in the video is saying "bootsai kalattu (remove the boots)". Northern or Eastern Tamil never say word "Boots" when they speak in Tamil , they will say "sappatthai".

This government video confirms Sinhala persons speaking colloquial and faulty Tamil.

With reference to the recent attack by Sri Lankan military on TNA Parliamentarians who were having peaceful party discussion in Alavetti, will the government now say, this too was done by the LTTE, wearing Sri Lankan military uniform.

The partner of Rajapakse & Co., the brother of the President and a Senior government minister Basil Rajapakse said it all well few days ago: ‘C 4 fiasco will face natural death soon’. This is the game of the Rajapakse’s to debilitate the truth of the war revealed by the C4 by its scandalous campaigns with its managed jokers and the UN should ignore this twist of the government.

You cannot fool all the people all the time.

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