(August 25, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Lanka News Web is able to exclusively reveal today the real truth behind so called Grease Yakas, a myth created by Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to create fear psychosis in the North and East. It shows that full military control of these two provinces has started and others will also come under soon.

Gotabhaya has deployed secretly over 5,000 military intelligence operatives to military camps in the North and East. Their main job is to closely watch and build up profiles of Muslims and Tamils living in the area in collaboration with military leaders in the provinces. They have been ordered to closely watch and report whether these community members are becoming strong economically and if so to take some form of action. Some military officers have taken the orders very seriously and told their men not to tolerate actions of Tamils and Muslims. Their harassment by these personnel wearing civilian clothes came to be identified as Grease Yakas in the North and the East. Before this, weeks earlier, some sex crazy persons who applied grease on their bodies and peeped at women in their homes at night were arrested. That was only two to three cases in the south.

There was an incident in Kinniya. Army Commander of the East, General Boniface Perera, wanted to break up Muslim protestors. He went with his visitors but thousands surrounded him and government agent, Ranjit de Silva for four hours. Later, an Air Force helicopter was sent from Hingurakgoda to bring him. General Perera is now being tactfully removed and General Lal Perera is being sent there. This is particularly after General Perera has been spreading communal hatred.

In Mannar, Muslim villagers placed tree trunks to seal off roads at night to prevent Grease Yakas coming to their village. They took poles and walked with the women who went for night prayers for Ramadan. One night, an Army truck came and found the logs on the road. Muslim villagers were woken up and brutally assaulted. A young officer was mad that villagers had blocked the road.

In Kalpitiya, Puttalam, an innocent Police constable was killed. This was after infuriated public were protesting against grease yakas. They were said to be from the military.

In Jaffna, fears of a Grease Yaka walking around the village woke up residents on Monday night. They gathered in numbers. Though wrong, they stoned a police patrol. That earned them the wrath of the Police and the Army.

The sequel that resulted would shock anyone with a conscience. Sri Lanka’s one of ventriloquist journalists, Mr. Shamindra Ferdinando reported in Thursday’s Island newspaper that a Pongu Thamil attack on Navanthurai Army camp was thwarted. He says the attackers were demanding the release of the Grease Yakas. The truth is different. The villagers protested outside the GA’s office and the Human Rights Commission office. They alleged that the Grease Yakas who were military officers and escaped to the camp.

Ferdinando is very well known in Sri Lanka as the man who is doing all the bidding for Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. He is a well known lackey. If the latter yawns, he is so capable of making a front page headline story. Some say he is given a monthly stipend by President Rajapaksa. President Rajapaksa is also considering giving him a Kalasuri award when national awards are given next year. Elder Rajapaksa is also taking to New York for the UN sessions, Ferdinando’s Editor, Mr. Prabath Sahabandu, a known journalist farmer who sows seeds of hatred among communities. The Upali group owner, Mr. Nimal Welgama, has been made Chairman of Sri Lanka Telecom by Rajapaksa. He has also given the group US $ 300 million to buy new printing machinery. Ferdinando’s friends in the island call him “sources said Ferdinando.”

Can anyone imagine any civilian or groups of civilians attacking an Army camp in Jaffna? This is after the defeat of the LTTE. Why is Ferdinando fabricating stories like this and making Sri Lankan people believe? That is the power of Gotabhaya. Do diplomats in Colombo believe in this kind of fabricated rubbish to create more racial discord? Who suffers s the Jaffna people who already complain they are second class citizens. Some even say Gotabhaya plants stories in the Island through Ferdinando so his unsuspecting President brother could read them.

On Tuesday, Gothabaya summoned Muslim priests from mosques in the East to the Ministry of Defence. He gave them a stern warning that if Muslims try to attack any camps, what happened to the LTTE would happened to them. What he did not say was that they would be smoked out through artillery shells and gunfire. Therefore, in the North, if Gotabhaya is to be believed, there was an attempted attack on the Army camp by Tamil. In the East, it was the Muslims who wanted to attack the camps. Is he laying the foundation for another ethnic cleansing? There is none who are as blind as those who refuse to see.

- Source: Lanka News Web

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