Emdon Seevaratnam is experiencing the final straw at his main money making machinery

75 years old Emdon Seevaratnam in red attire

l by A Special Correspondent In London

(September 18, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) One time head of the international finances of the LTTE Nagendram Seevaratnam who is well known to the British Tamils as Terror Guru and Emdon Seevaratnam has accepted the finality of his fate in running the popular Muthumari Amman temple in Tooting, London.

With his links to the LTTE, he abused his authority and ran his temple with the authoritarian cult and his cash investment from the temple funds stretched to Tamil Nadu, India and northern Sri Lanka. His one man charity Sivayogam Trust manages the Shree Muththumar Amman Temple and the Shree Nadarajar Temple in Wembley.

With the expiry of the lease, Shree Muthumari Amman temple is formally closing down. With the little respite given by the landlord, he is able to stay for few more weeks to pack his bags and go. He is said to be packing and moving the deities to a temporary shelter at Vasan Printers in Mitcham, London. A dozen of priests employed by him have been served with the official termination notices ceasing their employments. According to sources, he is negotiating with another temple source to sell the Golden chariot for a handsome price.

Sources close to Emdon Seevaratnam confirmed that he has eyed two other properties in Colliers Wood to buy, one of them outright to transfer the operations of the Amman temple. He is said to be asking from his friends and long standing devotees for donations to proceed with the purchase.

His million pound investment of Shree Nadarajar temple is a white elephant eating large chunk of the finance generated at the Amman temple. With the drying of funds following the closure of the Tooting temple, it is expected that he will be heavily cash strapped to pull through his operations in Wembley.

There is some speculation that he is planning to expand the activities at the Wembley temple which was inaugurated in 2007 with the razzmatazz of Kumba-Abishegam for a hardboard Gopuram. His stunt was soon exposed in the media and hilarious and powerful write-ups appeared criticising of such poojas. He is also well known for his creativity of establishing wheel cart like moving Navagraha at the Nadarajar temple. There is only one such Navagraha in the Hindu world of temples that gave hilarious outbursts from the Hindu community.

Seventy five years old Emdon Seevaratnam, with the backing of the LTTE’s finance head Castro forcefully took over the well known Eelapatheeswarar Aalyam in Wembley in 2005 after engineering the incarceration of two trustees of the temple in Vanni. Following the release, the High Court in Central London ordered him to return the temple to the due owners and directed him to pay over £25,000 to the Defendants legal representatives. His overall legal cost of his adventurous misadventure was said to be £45,000.

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