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The grease devil, the latest weapon of pre meditated State terror and abuse of Tamil speaking women

(September 24, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Despite the recent assurances by his brother the Defence Secretary Gothabaye Rajapakse, that President Rajapakse has not recently acquired a taste for human blood, the grease devils operating in the various parts of Sri Lanka especially the Tamil speaking areas in the north and east continue to instill terror into the Tamil speaking peoples. These are not zombies, witches, vampires or werewolves. They are humans as much as you and me, and their activity designed and programmed by humans. From a concept taken from the tradition of a sub culture of sorcery and black magic as practised in Sri Lanka, known as huniam over the centuries where even Buddhist monks participated, it has not been difficult initially for the ruling clique of the Rajapakse clan to make the villages affected to believe that these grease devils were super natural beings. In fact, is said that Sri Lanka was once a land inhabited by devils the Yakkas living with the other tribe known as the Nagas. Nagadipa, the island of the Jaffna peninsula was occupied by the Tamils.

The modern grease devils now operating are simply military personnel moving about in the nights with their bodies daubed in grease, free to do anything as long as they keep the Tamil speaking civilians terrorized and subdued. Whenever they had been apprehended by the villagers they were seen running into the nearest police stations, army camp, or the navy camp for refuge.

The idea is to keep the people, especially the Tamils, completely repressed with impunity. It was originally begun in a predominantly Sinhala area, Kahawatte but when its advantages were perceived as an instrument of terror it spread to Tamil speaking areas like Mannar, Kalpitiya, Batticaloa (east) and Jaffna (north) where the people have already been traumatized in a programme to completely subjugate and silence them. The practice of the concept of the grease devil having been discovered to also have multi faceted advantages with its flexibility in operation has been now shifted to the Tamil speaking areas as a convenient tool.

All grease devils when attacked by the families of victims in self defence have been seen to escape into military camps. The army personnel when it chooses to them can go out and indulge by raping Tamil speaking women and when the near relatives act to protect their families they are thrashed mercilessly to near death by the military and any attack on these grease devils who are undoubtedly military personnel is deemed to be an act of terror so that these helpless Tamils, as are all Tamils, deemed terrorists on the ground that they attack military personnel. The Tamil speaking peoples in the north and the East have now a self imposed curfew making the subjugation of the Tamils easy, voluntary and complete.

It is believed that this phenomenon is the brain child of the Gothabaya Rajapakse the defence secretary, a brother of President Mahinda Rajapakse, who himself is a devil in human form. His typical tell tale marks are left behind in the whole operation in keeping with his level of intellect and decency. He recently called a meeting of the Muslim leaders and assured them that this was not a ploy by the government to keep the Emergency Regulations going by instilling terror into the people, and further, if his brother Mahinda wished, he could keep the emergency going without resorting to the antic of the grease devil. More interestingly, he attempted to allay their fears in further stating that the President contrary to rumours, had not developed a sudden taste for human blood especially that of the Muslims, the majority of whom are non pork eaters and teetotalers.

The Sri Lankan military said to be the most disciplined in the world have earned the reputation for molesting young women (not those on the verge of death after being tortured and shot as shown in the BBC’s Killing Fields of Sri Lanka), as in Haiti, as much as some respected Sri Lankan Buddhist monks are basking in the international and local limelight for their paedophilic exploits while preaching the eightfold path of the Dhamma for the attainment of Nirvana as preached by the Lord Buddha. The burning down of the Muslim shrine in Anuradhapura, recently, by Sinhalese Buddhists led by a Buddhist monk is the latest spectacle of the classic instance of chauvinism and intolerance condoned and elevated to the highest level of martyrdom and heroism with impunity protected by the terrorist State, although now being hurriedly rectified in view of the current happenings in the UN in regard to the consideration of the panel’s report holding out valid claims of on war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Even in the highest echelons of political circles of the Sinhala polity, even to this day, aspects of sorcery and black magic prevail and are believed in and talismans worn to allay evil spirits. One would see huge talismans worn around necks and “charmed strings” wrapped in their hands. In fact, even the fraudulent allayers of the effects of evil spirits and or exorcists have been rewarded with even ministerial positions either through fear and or gratitude. Such is the absurdity of the popular belief in sorcery and black magic in the Sinhala polity now being conveniently imposed on the Tamil speaking peoples in the guise of the phenomenon of Grease Devils.

When met by the Tamil leaders President Rajapakse, did assure them, strangely enough, that the story about these devils was an absolute lie. As to how he reached this conclusion without any form of inquiry or investigation is baffling. The phenomenon has made it easy to let the emergency regulations lapse and its place be introduced a new law to transfer police powers over civilian life to the Sri Lankan military, a transition made with ease but with dire consequences to which the Sinhala polity, now enjoying triumph over the Tamil speaking peoples with the war criminals regarded as war heroes will soon wake up to reality. The grease devil phenomenon is a precursor to a complete military State on the lines of Myanmar orchestrated by the leaders of a self destructive race.

( The writer is a editor of the EelamNation, an online journal.The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to,the Sri Lanka Guardian) 

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