Nepal is Turning into a Battleground of Foreigners

| by Dirgha Raj Prasai

(September 12, Kathmandu, Sri  Lanka Guardian) Nepal had never before fallen into such a crisis. Since 2006 wolves and foxes have attacked Nepal. India, America and the European nations have used naïve politicians, and turned them into brokers. They are bent upon bringing a total eclipse by sucking Nepal mother’s blood. Nepal is a close neighbor of India. The Nepalese people have always looked towards India with respect, on the contrary, the leaders of India, on the other hand, have continued with their prejudice and discriminatory perspective towards Nepal. India's evil interest is to control Nepal’s defense and foreign policy. To achieve this purpose, India, since 2006, has created peace-loving country-Nepal into a base of terrorists, directing the Nepalese traitors to instill violence who are heading party leadership. In Nepal 95 percent of criminal activities are directed by India. India is expert in controlling parties in the government and the opposition. This is turning Nepal into a battleground of foreign conspiracy and national traitors

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The first day of the Indra Jatra festival began Kathmandu, with the uncovering of the idol Swet Bhairab and raising of Yosin. The eight day festival celebrates Indra, king of the gods and the god of rain. Kathmandu, Nepal. 9th September, 2011
Before 1950, India had taken the democratic leaders, who had fought with the Rana regime, into confidence. It had also brought the Rana Prime Minister under its confidence. India had pledged its support to the freedom fighters for establishment of democratic system in Nepal. Then India played the dual role by promising the Rana PM of the Indian support. Therefore India has been profiting from both the sides, which has become its policy after 1950. India persists with a disgusting dual role. Had there not been a royal institution and China as the northern neighbor, India would have had captured Nepal a long time ago. India could be a good friend on the account that we have the same religion, traditions, and geographical closeness, but it is not happening so as yet. Irrespective of different culture, traditions and language, China can be considered as a close neighbor. China has never conspired to make Nepal suffer. So whenever we Nepali people come across a Chinese national we treat that person with utmost respect and love. In the same context, whenever we meet an Indian national, we feel that the person is not friendly. It is not unusual to have such a feeling towards an India for India’s motive towards Nepal.

In 1960, King Mahendra took the step to get rid Nepal of Indian intervention. Nepali Congress had accused King Mahendra of taking anti-democratic step although it was in the interest of Nepal’s nationality and independence. After 1960 Nepal underwent a series of developments. King Mahendra had wanted to democratize the Panchayat system, but due to some corrupt Panchas (leaders who rule with this system), frustration among the people increased after the silver jubilee of Panchayat system. After three decades, in 1989 Nepali Congress and the communist parties, who were against Panchayat system, were organized under the Indian direction to launch the uprising in name of multi-party democracy. Then, India had maintained a balanced relation with both the King and the agitators. During the agitation Indian intelligence wing ‘RAW’ actively participated providing financial support, and sending Nepali speaking Bhutanese refugees into the agitation. India intervened excessively in the reinstatement of multi-party system due to which this democratic system failed to operate as a system. This system became known as a system of corrupts, mafia, and anti-people.

India heavily lent its trust to Congress leader Girija Prasad Koirala, who pushed the nation to a perilous state. Girija handed over all industries and businesses to India, pillaged the state coffer, and robbed the nation. In name of democracy Girija contrived various inhumane acts to suppress communists. Due to Girija’s misrule the Maoist insurgency arose. When Maoist rebellion became uncontrollable, India which had once dubbed the Maoist as terrorists, mediated a pact between the Maoist, Nepali Congress, and the UML. India took control of the Maoist, and made possible the signing of the 12 point peace treaty in 2005. India lifted Girija as a leader of the uprising-2006, and supported the agitation giving necessary tools.

India pretended to maintain a cordial relation with the monarch during the initial phase of the uprising in order to conspire to take control of Nepal’s defense and foreign policy. Similarly, India had maintained excellent relation with the agitators at the same time. In reality, the terror and the incidents of disintegration that the South East Asian nations have witnessed are all conspired by India. Whenever the Congress (I) comes to power in India the infamous intelligence Wing ‘RAW’ is activated, which instigates terror in neighboring nations, and if need be it doesn’t scruple to conspire for disintegration of the nation.

Our victory lies in mobilization of such a system that frees sovereign Nepal, which carries with it the identity of being world’s only Hindu nation, of Indian conspiracy. There are no other crimes bigger than national treason. Nepal’s retrogression is result of some 25/30 traitors as Nepali Congress’ Girija and some of his sycophants, the traitor- Madhav Nepal among others in UML whom are Indian stooges, Prachand and Baburam Bhattarai within the Maoist, and the so-called civil society. Although nationalists hold majority in Congress, UML and Maoist, almost all the leaders of these parties are either agents of ‘RAW’ or ‘CIA’. They have all been sold for post, position, money with security. These corrupt leaders are scars and brokers of this nation. Some Maoist leaders are sought Chinese shelter when they fell in the Indian trap. However, there is no guarantee of their pledge to nationality.

Veteran journalist Yubaraj Ghimire has analyzed the deteriorating scenario of Nepal after 2006-'Church lobby, the business between human rights-related non governmental organizations, and western donor agencies which has intensified the Free Tibet movement has aroused the anger of China. There are evidences that Indian criminals are running criminal activities from within the walls of prison of Nepal. India took a decisive step regarding the royal institution before Nepalese people's decision. With the end that was brought without people’s participation the state institutions and organs have been dismembered. We cannot be hopeful that India would someday be positive towards Nepal’s stability. In view of lacking a reliable national organization in Nepal, China is increasing its presence,” (29 July 2011, Annapurna Post).

Indian intelligence Wing’s activities are increasing. The American ‘CIA’ and Christian missions had been involved with the Maoist since a long time. During the insurgency Maoists destroyed temples in villages, vandalized statues of God and Goddesses, forced Bhramin and Chetri to eat beef, killing the Hindu's shrine national animal. In villages they did not allow anyone to mark any festivals, main religion, and traditional rituals. A daughter mourning the death her parents by following the required religious rituals was killed. The armies of Alexander burned down the books in Tackshyashila University and raped the Hindu women, killed, looted, similarly, the Maoists destroyed many Sanskrit books of Sanskrit University, and burned down the Hindu scriptures and important books. They issued a prohibitory order against wearing wedding necklace and bangles (churapote), and red vermillion (Sindur) to woman of Karnali. These were all done under the direction of Christian missions. The government watched this injustice and did nothing.

The NGOs and INGOs run through American dollars did not oppose such inhumane acts. It was the foreign money that made them tolerate such injustice actions. America and the European nations want to loosen the hold of Hinduism and Buddhism in Nepal, and bring Christianity in name of secularism. They have collected billions of money for this purpose. They have provided the civil society and human rights activist sufficient money to draw their support for Christianization of Nepal. Money has also poured into the media houses, and they have been popularizing Christianity.

Before 1950 there were no Christians in Nepal. After 1951, Catholics entered Nepal, and established United Mission to Nepal. They subsequently established St. Mary’s and St. Xavier’s school. They built mission hospital in Palpa. Before 1981, only 800 Nepali people were turned into Christians with the support of money. After the establishment of democracy many activists involved with the government were persuaded to change their religion. Nepal is being openly operated like raping in name of secularism. The Maoist activists lobbied against Hindu religion in villages that resulted into the transformation of many poor innocent Bhramins, Tamangs, Gurungs, Magars and other indigenous into Christianity. These people supported the Maoist during the 2006 uprising, and went on to attack the established norms. Many churches have been erected after 2006. Christians have distributed some advocates of indigenous rights who are now calling for legalizing beef as a food, which is demoralizing the Hindus. The Evangelical mission has been sending messages among the people that to become a Christian is to be free of every wrong. It will not do without a planned attack to stop this campaign from taking momentum. Nepal’s existence will not survive without chasing them away. Senior Editor Belief Net, Rob Kerby writes –'Our church records indicate there are nearly 2 million Christians and about 4,000 churches in Nepal now. But most of them don’t have a final resting place, as Christianity is still not recognized in Nepal'. So, it is necessary, at first we must raze down all the churches that were erected without any agreement after 2006. Then we must risk our lives to chase each and every one of these wrong foreign elements from this pious Land.

The situation is such that China is skeptical of the naked Indian intervention in Nepal. American interest in India is growing and it lifting India as a power in the south Asia. . China is aware that America and India are promoting the Free Tibet agenda to disintegrate China. So China has entered Nepal with all its resources. If the tussle between India and China lingers on, it may make American entry inevitable and turn Nepal into a battle ground. America does not have any self interest in Nepal. Its interest is only to destroy China, and destroy Hindu religion and culture in Nepal to pave way for Christianization. Indian interest is to bring Nepal under its umbrella. In such a way India and America have been incessantly causing suffering to Nepali people. We Nepalese people should not stay silent. Nepal must extend its hand towards China, Arab nations and African nations among other world powers that are against America and India, and chase away the imperialists. To save the dignity and sovereignty of the nation, we should not hesitate to attack the evil elements. For this the Constituent Assembly, which has become allegorical to a poisonous agendas, must be removed. And then, we must return to the 1990 Constitution; and in presence of the monarch make a collective effort to save this holy land.

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