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Lanka High Commissioner Dr Nonis embroils in white washing war crimes.

| by Our Correspondent in London

(October 11, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) In a follow up to our recent publication on Sri Lanka Guardian today regarding the Sri Lankan Government's featuring of their documentary film titled "Lies Agree Upon" produced by Sri Lanka's Ministry of Defence led by Gotabhaya Rajapakse in response to the screening of Channel 4's "Sri Lanka's Killing Fields" recently, we wish to inform our readers that Sri Lanka Guardian have now received further information from High Commission of Sri Lanka (London) sources to state that the event taking place at the "Atlee Room", Portcullis House, Westminster on 12th October is going to be strictly limited to MP's and peers only.

Up until our exclusive publication regarding this clandestine event invitations had been sent out discreetly to limited guests from the expatriate community who are supportive of the Mahinda Rajapakse regime.

No other members of the public from either communities including those closely linked to the High Commission are to be allowed to attend the event now or journalists from national or community based media we are informed.

The sudden decision was made by none other than Sri Lanka's recently appointed High Commissioner to the UK Dr.Nonis a non-career diplomat who had served within the NHS until a few years ago.

High Commissioner Dr. Nonis and his Defence Attache Maj-Gen Prasanna Silva are extremely concerned of a possible backlash from the expatriate Tamil Diaspora in the UK should the scheduled meeting on the 12th go-ahead as an open one. They also wish to keep their big boss President Rajapakse back in Colombo pleased...

The Sri Lankan government have of course got plenty to hide and are desperate to somehow brainwash pro-Sri Lankan government MP's and peers who will be attending this event.

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha will be representing the Sri Lankan government and will supported by High Commissioner Dr. Nonis.

Channel 4 news who had featured the "Sri Lanka Killing Fields" documentary have also very reluctantly decided to avoid carrying this story due to political pressures from above. The Sri Lankan High Commission have successfully managed to covertly have pressure applied to them via their sources linked to Dr. Liam Fox and his associates at number 10 Downing Street.

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