Sri Lanka’s ‘Lies Agreed Upon’ show in the British parliament was utter flop.

Famous Tamil ‘Drama Queen’ defends Sri Lanka war crimes.

| by Our Correspondent in London

(October 17, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The meeting arranged by the Sri Lanka High Commission in the Portcullis House in the British Parliament on the 12th (Wednesday) October 2011 was a embarrassing flop for the government of Sri Lanka.

Secretly organised meeting was a disaster waiting to happen and the organisers are maintaining dumbfounded silence about the outcome of the event.

According to the Tamil intruders in the meeting who are opposed to the LTTE cause, the event attended by the majority Sinhalese and few Tamils patronised by the Sri Lankan government was odious grapes to swallow.

The Swiss based Athirvu website that intruded the event gave graphical account of the event and translation of which is produced herein:

‘ Sri Lanka’s counter programme against C4 has been a failure’

‘ Chanel 4 telecasted a revealing 30 minute documentaty ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’. It was seen by many countries and shown in many parliaments. It caused considerable setback for Sri Lanka. To overcome this, Sri Lanka too produced its own documentary. It attempted show it for the first time in the Britain. It wanted to show it before the British parliamentarians day before yesterday. Many Tamils were keen go there and view it and wanted to ask questions. Knowing this will happen, the government of Sri Lanka restricted the event only for the British parliamentarians.

‘As a result Tamils could not participate and raise questions. However three Tamils carefully managed to creep into the venue. The reporter of the Athirvu website was one of them. The documentary was shown first. Time was allocated for the audience to ask questions after the programme. Only four British MP’s attended. Out of the four, three left the venue at the outset. Only with one MP the documentary was shown. There was instruction that no one from C4 should be allowed. However, a C4 journalist who was involved in the production of their ‘Killing Fields’ asked embarrassing questions.

‘Following her, Aithirvu reporter was given the opportunity to ask questions. He asked: ‘You have produced a documentary to counter the C4 to get the support from western countries, why can’t you allow an independent inquiry demanded by the west? Whilst the presenter maintained silence Hansa (Deputy High Commissioner) from the first row butted in and took photograph and video recording of the Athirvu reporter with the view to threaten him. However, the Athirvu reporter went on to ask another question.

‘Soon after this, another Tamil rose up and condemned the comment of generalising every actions of the Tamils as Tamil terrorism. Prof. Rajiva Wijesinghe apologised if he had inferred terrorism generally on the Tamils.

‘There were about 150 Sinhalese and only 3 Tamils. Whenever Tamils raised a question, the Sinhalese shouted, humiliated and insulted them. Even when the C4 lady was asking questions, they were behaving like this.

‘When the event came to an end, the Tamils attempted to leave the venue and the Sinhalese surrounded them and expressed their protest. The Athirvu reporter and two others got out together and told their experience to the other reporters.

‘The pro government tail wagging Tamil woman Rajeswary (known as Drama Queen) was saying Tamils should be allowed to live peacefully and the C4 documentary will only help to seed another war in Sri Lanka. She went on to slam the Tamil Tigers and its leadership.

‘Overall, Sri Lanka’s documentary against C4 was utter failure for Sri Lanka. Though 150 Sinhalese attended, 3 Tamils caused havoc there’.