Big time racket of former a human smuggler and a paramilitary leader

|  by A Special Correspondent in Colombo 

( January 23, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The end of war following the defeat of the LTTE has increased the financial stake of the underworld businessmen associated with the government.

Paramilitary leader hugging
President’s brother Basil Rajapakse.
One time head of the massive international human smuggling network Sathasivam Ramanathan who capitalised on the pains of the war by illegally exporting the Tamils world over has changed his business plan. The man from LTTE leader Pirabakaran’s home town Valvettithurai is enjoying all the luxuries of the government and his son Ankajan Ramanathan is the Jaffna head of the President Mahinda Rajapakse’s Sri Lanka Freedom Party. The son is the close buddy of the President’s aspiring son Namal Rajapakese who was his classmate at St Thomas College, Colombo.

Sathasivam Ramanathan, President Mahinda
Percy Rajapakse and Ankajan Ramanathan
Ramanathan’s are said to be multi billionaires is US dollar terms are residents of the upmarket Colombo 7 and are now competing with the paramilitary leader Douglas Devanada to provide government jobs for their clients at heavy cost. The price set by both villains for securing a government job with their connections to the government is going at Rs 5 lacks. There is slight variation in the terms offered. Whilst the paramilitary leader wants outright payment before securing a job, the former human smuggler offers flexible term of settling in instalments.

Paramilitary leader Douglas Devananda is also being accused of running a pimpy Manamakal (bride) brothel in the Jaffna town that came under public pressure and eventual close down.

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