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Tamil-Muslim misgivings debated in the Sri Lanka Guardian forum

( April 29, 2012, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The news in the Sri Lanka Guardian datelined April 24, 2012, titled ‘Sri Lanka Muslims in UK meet to discuss attack on Dambulla mosque’ brought about a debate on issues affecting Tamil and Muslim communities in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Guardian reproduce the debate to give the much needed publicity and to invite further responsible debate on the issues considered. We are only reproducing a section of the debate.

Interesting arguments were put across by the well respected Muslim commentator Mohamed Marzook and by an unknown new comer to the forum Kuna to a deep respond to the deep felt resentment expressed by one Selvam.·

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Do you know when the Tamils were attacked in 1977 and 1983 some Singhalese helped them to escape the attacks. Did you come across any story of Muslims helping the Tamils. Did they protest against the pogrom against the Tamils? Whilst Tamils are suffering, these Muslims are merry making with the government. Under this circumstance do the Tamils have to cry for the Muslims when they are being attacked by the Sinhala gangs?.
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In my house, I gave shelter to the then SLBC Announcer Mathi Alagan and arranged a group of Muslims to provide security to the Tamil residences and businesses establishments in Colombo 12. Several other Muslims too acted similarly. Know the facts before you comment friend. That was in 1983. In 1977 when there were threats to the Tamils with the help of my colleagues, both Muslims and Sinhala, in the Insurance Corporation I worked, we arranged to provide security for the Tamil colleagues who were with us. Like me many Muslims do not envy all the Tamils for the faults committed by the LTTE on the Muslims. Look at matters in a broad-minded manner then you will see reasons and truth.


Mohamed Marzook, Assalamu Alaikum,

First of all, I can see your nice language and the soft points that you are not hating Tamils and the helps you have done to save and protect Tamils in the past riots in Srilanka, I really bow my head to you. I am not seeing you only as a Muslim but as a real human.

I have been working in Batticaloa and Kalmunai for 18 years and I had a lot of nice Muslim friends. I have given jobs to many Muslim contractors. I have been at many Muslim weddings and many Muslim funerals. Even the Muslim congress founder M H M Ashraff was one of my friend in Kalmunai when he was practicing as a lawyer in Kalmunai courts, when he was in Federal party under Thanthai Selvanayagam. We used to sit down and discus and debate about north and east politics a lot.

I have given cub of milk to Masoor Maulana when he came to a Federal party meeting in Chavakachcheri. I was a good fan of his nice speeches in the political meetings.

So my brother Marzook, after reading any of the following points, please do not mistaken me as a anti-Muslim.

OK. I come to the points now.
From 1952 many, many Muslim political leaders were brought up by the Tamil Federal Party and unfortunately everyone left themselves to be a Muslim politician. You name any Muslim politician from Amparai, Kalmunai and Batticaloa and they all had the kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and high school in Tamil Federal Party. Everyone used the Tamil Party for themselves to grow and to go separate as Muslim politicians. Finally all the Muslim leaders who grew up with the Tamil party became traitors to Tamils.
Minister M H M Ashraff had personal meetings at Kilinochchi with Hon. Prabhakaran and given poses to photographs with his nice smiling face. But later on, he has given reports to newspapers that "I will be happy to die when ‘I cut Prabhakaran's neck". This is mostly like a butcher's word and not a politician's word.

There were lots of Muslim recruitments in the LTTE at the beginning and I can still remember one Maveeran Abdulla from Akkaraipattu was the commander for the LTTE for the protection of Jaffna city from the Jaffna Fort occupied by the army. One day, when he was on duty, he was killed by a shell came from inside the Fort. The entire Jaffna was mourning for his departure and thousands of Jaffna Tamils were paying the last respect to him and honoured him as a Tamil Maveeran and if I am right, his body was taken to Akkaraipattu and handed over to his parents with full respect by the LTTE. There was very good respect for the Muslims in the LTTE.

Once the army in Kalmunai was encouraging the Sammanthurai Muslims against Tamil villages and many hundreds of Tamils were hacked and shot to death by the local Muslims. There was no way to stop this. LTTE was not willing to handle this and to go against Muslim rioters and kill them to stop this violent murders. But six Muslim LTTE fighters from Akkaraipattu volunteered and took a jeep and went to the front line and shot and killed many Muslim rioters and controlled the Muslim riot. When they were on their return, they were going on at very high speed and on a sharp turn their jeep capsized and all those six Muslim LTTE fighters sacrificed their lives for the protection of Tamil villagers from Muslim roisters.

I heard, once the Kattankudi mosque requested all the Muslims fighters of the LTTE to leave from LTTE, many hundreds of Muslim fighters ran away from the LTTE with the weapons. Because of this, I heard that LTTE went on rampage inside the Kattankudi mosque whilst the Friday prayer. I am not saying this is correct, but so many people don't know why LTTE did those murders inside one particular mosque in Kattankudy.

While I was living in Kalmunai and Batticaloa, I have been unfortunate to witness thousands of Tamils were killed by (South)Muslims who were hiding in wearing army uniforms. The easy identification of those murders were, most of them were stabbed and hacked to death, not shot. The Batticaloa Tamils were easily identifying the deaths with the injuries. If it is by gun, a Sinhalese army. If is by a knife or sward, it is by Muslim army, Muslim STF or Muslim home guards. The public was saying that the Muslim killers were enjoying the killings.
Once I too was arrested while riding my motor bike when returning from Batticaloa to Kalmunai at Kaluwanchikudi by Sinhala speaking STF Commandos and was taken with hundreds of Tamils to Kaluwanchikudi STF Camp and there I saw those two STF commandos who spoke to me in Sinhalese were talking in between them in Tamil with Muslim slang. I was able to talk to the commander of the camp Mr. Mananayke and was released to go home.
LTTE caught Muslim businessman on the bicycles in jaffna with walkie talkie giving direction to bombers to bomb LTTE camps. Then LTTE found weapons in a Muslims house and I heard these incidents made LTTE to take the hardest decision to remove the Muslims out of Jaffna. But you have to understand one thing, that they (LLTE) had the idea of bringing Muslims back to Jaffna once the freedom is got by protecting the Muslims houses from selling or anyone occupying until the last day they leave Jaffna. None of the mosques were destroyed or occupied and they all were barbed wired and well isolated and protected.

Now Sri Lanka Government and Sinhalese army have killed many thousands innocent Tamils even after the fall of LTTE, is little by little being understood and accepted by UN and western world and they have brought a motion to save the balance living Tamils in their own lands at UN Human Rights Commission our Muslim leaders like Rauff Hahim went to Arab countries and brainwashed them to vote against the motion to protect the Sinhalese government.

Even after the fall of LTTE and loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent Tamils, all Muslim leaders are still working like traitors against the living Tamils until the last one live in Sri Lanka.

If you see my first posting I have clearly said

"""most of the Muslim public and all of the Muslim leaders were thinking that once the government of Sri Lanka has killed all the LTTE and all the Tamils, Muslims will be awarded for their share of supporting for the dictators to win the so called terrorism and the Muslims will be the equal partners to rule the country."""

I didn't blame all the Muslims. I have not included you, my brother Mohamed Marzook.

Now I believe that all the real Muslim readers (not the foxes hiding under the Muslim names), can get some understanding about the untrustworthiness of Tamils on Muslims.

We Tamils still are willing and are expecting the Muslims to join with Tamils as both minorities in Sri Lanka to win the rights to live as human with all kinds of interdependence. We will never hope or believe to live with this Sinhalese murderers in the future. But we Tamils and Muslims has the same language and mostly same cultures and we can live as brothers and sisters.

I urge all the Muslims readers of this article to take and write the real facts among Muslims and we will jointly fight against Sri Lanka to win our freedom,


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