Womb producing terrorism must be surgically removed

| by Rajasingham Jayadevan

( April 09, 2012, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) In an egg and chicken argument, the Sri Lanka stands nakedly exposed of giving birth to illegitimate babies of terrorism for many decades.

Sri Lanka has seen state violence against the Tamils who are its national minority that led to three decades of unprecedented warfare between the government and Tamil group LTTE.

Refusing to operate Chinese style treatment. (posted by the Kunming-based studio Yuan Jiao Man’s Space )
There were two other insurrections of the Sinhala JVP, one was aimed to establish a communal communist state and the other against Indian intervention to resolve the Tamil conflict. Both were brutally suppressed by mother Sri Lanka. The first-ever state response against the JVP in 1971 was very ruthless and set the path for dealing with internal violence with sheer ruthlessness.

The ruthless mother Sri Lanka keeps on producing ruthless and illegitimate kids. The conflict with the Tamils lead to full scale face to face battles whilst state terrorism of mother Sri Lanka caused harrowing experience for Tamil civilian population that produced the counter violence of the Tamil militants against the state and the majority Sinhalese.

All three violence has recorded a painful history of unimaginable sufferings for the people. Despite being suppressed ruthlessly, lessons are still not learnt and long term sustainable efforts are not adopted to prevent such calamities recurring in the future.

These state suppressions have only strengthened the government hand not to address the deepening issues politically. The end of warfare with the LTTE, a new situation has arisen and the government is effectively strangle holding the Tamil population with its oversized military and the intelligence service.

Any form of pressures from the south of Sri Lanka on the government too is repressed by covert kidnappings and assassinations thus causing grave concerns in the wider international spectrum.

The government’s drive to invest in heavy military and intelligence manpower and hardware in an unprecedented scale, though helped to fight back the LTTE with a decisive win, it has also reshaped the politics of Sri Lanka. The unwound military establishment is a massive employment bank for the majority community and has temporarily halted the fattening of the membership bank of the JVP that carried out the two southern insurrections.

Mother Sri Lanka has kept on producing violence against its citizens in many ways. Civilian population was traumatised for the activities of the violent groups and this extending even after the defeat of the LTTE in 2009.

If Sri Lanka wishes to be part of the international family of nations, some action is needed to help her improve her behaviour. The very womb of the violent mother Sri Lanka that produces violent children of terrorism must be surgically dealt with.

Sri Lanka cannot be allowed to deal with her health concerns on her own. Her reproductive organs must be examined, treated or surgically treated with the engagement of external gynaecologists (UN). Her womb is malfunctioning in many ways and the cause may be her bad relationships that infuse the violent genes for the reproduction process.

In an Italian court, a murderer had his sentence reduced because the judge agreed that the man’s genes predisposed him to violent behavior. It may be that Sri Lanka needing infusion of varied hormonal dosages to bring her system under control. Any response to her appalling behavior so far must be mitigated if she co-operates with the international surgeons of the UN.

The freaky womb of mother Sri Lanka is not only producing illegitimate babies of terrorism, it is also regularly discharging heavily due to relapses in its hyphened body conditions. White van abductions, random shootings, blackmail, threats and intimidations are part of this deterioration.

Dating with mother Lanka knowing her hostile womb is not acceptable. Pretending to uphold human rights values and then selling arms for more courtships, also causes problems in the pregnancies. Basically, it may be even the malfunctioning of the immune system of mother Sri Lanka, when the very immune system attacking the newly conceived babies inside the womb. This makes the chances of a pregnancy coming to proper term very low.

Mother Sri Lanka has faced many miscarriages with her hostile womb. During miscarriages she went on the berserks and let loose incidences of violent sprees by attacking and looting of properties of its indigenous Tamil population thus making the victims bleed and scream. Unfortunately, this mother Sri Lanka did not go through any abortions to end any of her illegitimate pregnancies peacefully. Any advice given by the gynecologist was strongly resisted by her.

It has come to a point where mother Sri Lanka is urgent need of treatment for long untreated symptoms of neurotic behavior due to her failing womb condition that led to discharges, miscarriages and killing its own violent terror babies. The violent mother threw her violent babies with the bath water.

Mother Sri Lanka cannot perform this specialist surgery on her own. It will be suicidal if the surgery does not meet surgical standards. It attempted to do so in 2009 at the UNHRC session when it was able to delay the immediate treatment from the specialist gynecologist UNHRC. Her argument was that she will manage her own difficulties and solve the causes of malfunctioning of her womb with indigenous Ayurvedic treatment that in fact did not produce any results for three years.

After three years, the hostile womb is still playing hell and Ayurvedic treatment has failed to see the political resolution promised at the Geneva session. Gynecologist (UNHRC) at its Geneva session last March have given its preliminary assessment of the treatment needed, whilst recognizing some aspects of the Ayurvedic prescription given in the LLRC report. The treatment needed appears to be acute and in October 2012 and March 2013 the gynecologist (UNHRC) will review its prescriptive dosages to see whether mother Lanka is responding favourably. If the hostile womb of the mother Sri Lanka did not respond to the advice given by the gynecologist (UNHRC), the next stage of the assessment may lead to a much stronger dosage of medication.

Even that does not work, further prescriptive resolution to bring in international investigation into the malfunctioning of the womb will be undertaken, that may lead to formal decision at the Security Council to surgically remove the disobeying womb.

The international gynecologists are aware that misbehaving mother Sri Lanka will boisterously challenge any efforts by the international community. It will go further and further away to eat sweet and sour curries and chow-mains to overcome its difficulties, but a forceful operation to remove the failing womb will take place anyhow as by then the sweet and sour curries and chow main dishes too would have lost their force.

The time scale for dealing with the buckling womb of mother Sri Lanka is a worry. If timely action is not taken, mother Sri Lanka may inhibit Aids and HIV and some preventative actions must be taken to stop mother Lanka’s short term bedfellows like Kung-Kungs to go on with their spree and spoil her health and character further.

Current symptoms are indicating that mother Sri Lanka is in the conceptual stage of making another illegitimate baby. Timely action to abort her pregnancies with the international or Indian surgery must be seriously considered.