Defunct Muslim Information Centre (MIC) Head espousing anti-Tamil hatred

| by Our London Correspondent

( May 01, 2012, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The head of the now defunct London based Muslim Information Centre M S Bazeer, a solicitor by profession is being accused of expressing anti- Tamil, anti-Hindu and anti-Christian hatred in his campaign work for the government of Sri Lanka.

S M Bazeer
At the meeting held (30/4) at the House of Commons organised by the newly formed Tamil National Congress (TNC) S M Bazeer lambasted the Tamil groups involved in the TNC as unrepresentative terrorist groups.

The well attended meeting Chaired by Dr A Nicholaspillai and hosted by the Secretary of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Sri Lanka Andy Love MP, touched on wide ranging issues affecting the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

Seated in the back row next to K Pathmanathan, Minister Councillor of the Sri Lanka High Commission, S M Bazeer was seen agitated and conspiring with the Councillor by the attendees. Towards the end of the meeting, he went on the rage accusing the groups present at the meeting as unrepresentative organisations and praised the paramilitary outfit leader and the government Minister Douglas Devananda as a saviour and his group as a registered party and a representative organisation in Sri Lanka.

Publicity seeking S M Bazeer is given prominent role in the Douglas Devananda’s paramilitary group run Dan TV and a Paris based Jaljalpu website and is a known vociferous critic of Tamils, Hindus and Christians of Sri Lanka.

His pro-government--anti-Tamil campaign has caused considerable embarrassment for the expatriate Muslim community who have expressed their resentments in various forums and personally sympathising with the Tamils.

Following his angry charge at the parliament meeting, he is said have exited from the Westminster premises without facing any questions.

S M Bazeer is from the village of Earavur in the Eastern Provice and is said to be a very close relative of the Sri Lanka’s Justice Minister Raul Hakeem. According to information, S M Bazeer’s stand has caused major embarrassment for the Minister and both are said to be not in talking terms.

A close friend of S M Bazeer based in Oslo said Bazeer is aiming for a diplomatic post and is hell bent on convincing the President Mahinda Rajapakse that he his anti-Tamil. His comments on the Dambulla Mosque attack by the Buddhist monks is said to be very mild and favouring the government.

S M Bazeer is a practising lawyer in immigration and conveyancing work and is based in Wimbledon. Following the defeat of the LTTE in 2009, he is said to be acting as a campaigner for the Sri Lanka government and has severed his connections with several Tamil groups and is said to be a frequent visitor to the High Commission of Sri Lanka.

His Paris based website has taken over the role of the former LTTE’s and is publishing doctored images and false and discrediting news of individuals whom were his colleagues before the defeat of the LTTE.