Protest held outside Quetta press club against targeted killing of renowned Baloch intellectuals

( June 25, 2012, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) A large protest was held here in front of Quetta press club by Baloch Human Right organization against targeted killing of renowned Baloch educationist and voice principle of a high school, Mr. Nazeer Marri 60 and an active member of Balochistan National Moment (BNM) Dr. Rahim Bakhsh Baloch a native of Karachi.

BHRO leaders led the rally, while addressing the people BHR leaders told that murder of Nazeer Marri and Rahim Bakshsh Baloch is a conspiracy theory. BHRO leadership while condemning the extra judicial killings of Baloch intellectual turned the killings of renowned Baloch educationist a pre planed agenda against Baloch scholars. BHRO leadership called it the Baloch which intends to plunge the Baloch nation into darkness. Earlier, Baloch intellectual and professor of Balochistan University, Saba Dashtiyari, teacher Hamid Baloch, renowned columnist, active journalist Khan Mohammad Marri and many other thinkers, lawyers, intellectuals, journalists, students and doctors were targeted in similar attacks.

It must be noted that Nazeer Marri was abducted three times and released in critical condition each time. He was killed when he was returning home from school along with his grandson.

The speakers said that teachers including Master Sattar, Master Safeer, Master Saleem, Abdul Rehman Arif, Waheed Qambrani and many others were abducted, subsequently killed and dumped in most brutal manners by security forces of Pakistan.

They further said that along with Balochistan, the genocidal measures against Baloch have also started in Karachi. The senior member of BNM and social activist, Dr. Raheem Baksh, was targeted when he was in his clinic.

The speakers said that UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and various other organizations have established that Pakistani security forces are involved in Baloch genocide. Even the Pakistani Supreme Court has accepted this fact. At last the protesters urged the international community to build pressure on Pakistan to stop overt violation of human rights in Balochistan.