Raman’s unproven accusation of Rohingya Muslims’ connections with Extremist Islamic Groups

| by Dr Rifai Naleemi

( August 05, 2012, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) I have been reading Mr Raman’s articles in Sri Lanka Guardian. I really appreciate some of his writing and articles and yet, when it comes to Muslim Issues he seems to be connecting all problems with Islamic Extremists and Radical Groups, I ‘m really surprised and shocked that in this article he accused some Rahingya Muslims to have connection with some Extremist radical groups such as Al-Qaida and HUJI of Bangladesh. When you write some thing objectively you should have some substantiated evidence to prove what you have written. We should maintain the objectivities in our writing whether it is on Muslim issues or Non-Muslim issues. Journalists and newspapers writers are praised all over the world because of their bravery to speak out justice and because of the fact that they write objectively in all cases, How many of them have been killed because of this objective and unbiased professionalism. Unfortunately, some journalists do not maintain ethnics of journalism in third world country. Sometimes, due to political or some social influences.

Bangladesh border guards push back Rohingya Muslims fleeing religious violence in Burma, as they try to cross the Naf river into Bangladesh
First and fore most Rahingya Muslims are human beings like you and I and they have been victimised for more than 60 years in their own country by successful military governments. They are unarmed minority people without any outside support or connection. Can you imagine that any government kills it own people because of their ethnicity and Belief. They have been denied basic human right such as registration of death and birth, registration of marriage and registration of votes and to have religious freedom. Can you imagine this in this modern global village of 21th century with all these human rights commissions today? The more human rights groups we have the more human rights are violated today than ever before. Today animals rights more protected than these people’s rights and can you imagine if this happened to your own people how would you act and react? Rather than speaking for the just cause of these people you have tried to connect them with radicalism and extremism:

I really expected that you write in support of this victimised minority group rather you have accused them of supporting some international Radical groups: What a lie is this? Tell me how many Rahingya Muslims are in Al-Qaida or in other international radical groups and tell me what the population of Muslim in Arakan is? Rather than arguing for the innocent victims of this ethnic violence you have tried to brand them radicals and extremists. This is indeed not a good journalism at all? While most of journalists and electronic media have been exposing the ruthless and barbaric actions of Burmese Military government how could you write against these innocent victims? What Bangladesh did in this case is indeed inhuman and cruel in every sense? How could they shoot at fleeing innocent women and children? How could they reject any one seeking refuge to save their life? What national economic and security thereat they will have if these temporary accommodate some refugees for some times? Rather Bangladesh government would have exploited international charities, Muslim countries and international organizations to get more aids and money in the name of these refugees. It is true that Bangladesh is over-populated and yet, it is not impossible to accommodate some of these refugees.

Whether it is Muslims or Non-Muslims? In times of emergencies you do not look at people ethnicity or religion rather we should see them as human beings: Even animals have this sense of protecting their own flocks. How come this sense of humanism gone away from the hearts of policy makers in Bangladesh? What Bangladesh did was wrong and unacceptable at all. If people are sneaking into India from Rahingya Muslim, it is because they do not have any alternative place to go. I think that world’s beigest Democracy should accept it and should have moral obligation to sort this problems out in its neighbouring country. India shares a long boarder with Burmese than any other country and it is in the interest of India to involve in this issue and encourage Myanmar Military Government to settle this issue. India directly and indirectly supported the creations of Bangladesh. Why it can not help this minority group to settle in their Abakan Region? India has its own habit of supporting radical groups when it suits its own interest? Look at what happened to LTTE. Indian created LTTE and when it went against Indian national interest India changed the side and unconditionally supported Srilanka.

it is becoming fashion to point fingers at Islamic groups and Islamic radicals to blankly blame for all incidents that happens around the world: if there is some blast or shooting incidents instantly we have habit of pointing finger at a Islamic groups: In this Burmese problem there is no any evidence HUJI has involved in any activities. There is no evidence that HUJI has been active in Myanmar: it would be suicidal if they act in this Non-Muslim country being a minority: In Burma there is an Islamic group called Tabligh Jamath: there are a spiritual and mystic group and they do not have any involvement in politics or extremism and yet, it is reported some of them were butchered by extremist and radical Buddhists for being Muslims engaged in their religious journey.

As a good writer and journal I do not think that Mr Raman has done any justice on this case to accuse these people without any evidence: We know well that for decades Muslims of this country have been ignored and marginalised by Burmese Government. I call international community and UN to help and support Rahingya People for their right to settle in their own native place: They have been living in there for more than five hundred years: They have been living in peace and harmony for many centuries: they have contributed greatly socially and economically for Burmese society and Indeed, Rahingya Muslim play great role in politics and economy since the Arakanese Kings times. Why should they be denied their birth rights? Let all speak for weak and victims without discrimination on the basis of colour, ethnicity, language and religion. After all we belong to human race and humanity. Even animals cry when their flocks are dying? I wonder why these intelligent human beings become heartless when they see their follow human beings are brutally killed.

I think international community should support these people to settle in their native place; and it is moral duty of every person on this earth to raise his voice in support f victimised innocent people wherever they are in this globe. Today, more than %99 of Muslim people do not support or endorse al-Qaida and its related groups whatever it is? In recent studies, USA says that Al-Qaida is in decline and it is unlikely that it will get any support from Muslim public. In this circumstance, it would be unrealistic to link all incidents and occurrences with Al-Qaida or Muslim groups: I really enjoy reading Mr Raman’s articles and yet I hope that he should maintain the objectivity in his writing when it comes to Muslim Issues and problems and as a good journalist he should moral responsibility to speak on behalf of innocents and victims and I’m afraid that in this case he has failed to do so.