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Australian Welfare Money kills Independence

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

( November 18, 2013, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) This morning, here in Vattukottai, Northern Sri Lanka, where the first political declaration of self-governance was made by Tamils, I received from Mr. Jayadevan in the UK a copy of the Sydney Morning Herald report ‘A craven Tony Abbott's refusal to discuss human rights in Sri Lanka cheapened the Commonwealth’ by Ben Doherty.

It is obvious that Sri Lanka has become the common medium of the moment for political leaders. As confirmed by the above mentioned article, our Prime Minister, the Hon Tony Abbott is one of them. Mr. Abbott’s understanding of Sri Lanka is largely through the Boat People. Mr. Abbott’s guru – Mr. Howard made Boat People a political issue in Australia.

It is reported that according to Mr. Abbott we Australians ‘are here to praise as much as judge’. Who are we to judge Sri Lankans? As per my direct experience with the position of Australian Prime Minister, Australia is guilty of not practicing Equal Opportunity principles with migrants of Sri Lankan origin. The karma from that is carried by Mr. Abbott also. Hence, unless the Prime Minister of Australia has contributed more to the values of Equal Opportunity – s/he does not have the right to ‘judge’ any Sri Lankan. The exchange with Mr. Rajapakse is therefore without the endorsement of position authority – however otherwise it may seem on the outside.

In relation to Australians in common, the net message is that within the Commonwealth, Sri Lankans are distant relatives to Australians and majority migrants of Sri Lankan origin would confirm this in their free independent environments. It is far better to take the true position allocated to us by custodians of Judging Powers – than to pretend that we have Equal Rights in Australia. As per the legal outcomes in Australia – this migrant of Sri Lankan origin – is a criminal for seeking to present her work at its maximum level. She was punished as a Sri Lankan and not as an Equal Australian. It is therefore understandable that an occupant of the Australian Head of State position would naturally connect to the mind of the occupant of the Sri Lankan Head of State who also stands accused of having wronged Tamil minorities. These are natural powers that add themselves to each other – towards collective outcome – as in majority vote – which is the medium used by surface thinkers. Both heads of government have played political football with minority issues. Neither has the authority to judge.

As per the Sydney Morning Herald report ‘To put a minor, questionable political point above an issue as fundamental as human rights diminished Australia and cheapened the Commonwealth.’

The Sydney Morning Herald had to wait until this weakness in Australian leadership was visible to them through a structured global forum. It is however an everyday weakness causing damage to migrants in Australia who seek to be independent – with the little they have. The main issue with the Sri Lankan leadership is that large number of Tamils were killed during the 2009 Battle of Vanni. To the extent Tamils submit to ‘foreign leadership’ in any country – they are committing suicide of the mind. To the extent Australian Government pays welfare that negates existing internal structures – they are killing the independent minds of migrants. Welfare money has become the killer of independence in Australia.

The most basic human right of all is our right to be independent. Australia naturally diminished the value of Commonwealth – not when Mr. Abbott demonstrated natural affinity with Mr. Rajapakse, but when it started paying welfare without due diligence checks within Australia to protect our investments as Australians in Common Australian values. These two heads are both in the same Boat of minorities overpowering them through foreign alliances. This happens when one uses voting power excessively to occupy the leadership position. One then trades at the surface level and loses the opportunity to invest at the deeper level. Both are driven by subjective powers. Mr. Rajapakse uses family power to lead and Mr. Abbott follows Mr. Howard. To the extent these subjective powers are openly used – one demotes oneself from Democratic leadership. In terms of Democratic measures neither leader is independent and self-governing.

Here in Jaffna at a seminar in Global Communications (our local parallel of CHOGM) on 17 November, we discussed that Communication happens at three levels – (1) Express level including through English language in global issues; (2) through knowledge and therefore mind connection and (3) through silent heart connection. Hence our own Jaffna Saint Yoga Swami’s message to us to ‘Learn the language of Silence’. In terms of Human Rights issues – Australian as well as Sri Lankan politicians are at primary level. This includes every person who reads the people of these nations largely through politicians.

Wonder whom Sydney Morning Herald considers to be its Equal parallel in Sri Lanka? Those who are global would have their Equal parallels in the other country they are reporting about. Otherwise it is like the blind leading the deaf and blind.

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