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Causing deliberate hardships, compromising poverty to aligning people

| by Robinhood

( November 18, 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Unable to provide economic relief to the people as promised after the completion of the war the Rajapaksa regime is soon plunging into despair and unpopularity. To regain the popularity the regime is sorting the community; deliberately weakening the public, destructing the democratic choices of its people by selectively exercising and implementing its rule of law and equity. The regime is indirectly persuading the people to become its stooges in the name of synthetic patriotism. The regime does this by causing deliberate hardship to its community and persuading their support to regain its popularity. By causing hardships the poverty is used as a trump to weak the general publics thereby align peoples support and suppress the rest who rejects the Rajapaksa administration by various political intimidations.

People in North are prevented and obstructed in exercise their political rights by freely allowing them to engage in political activities. People in the north are often under the surveillance of the military and the civil defense force recruited by the regime.
In the post war torn areas in the North of Sri Lanka the regime is forcibly influencing the ethnic Tamil community to render their support by indirect intimidation. This is conducted in a systematic way by reducing the reliefs given to the war affected people who are currently being resettled. In other words, relief and incentives are given only to people who support the Rajapaksa regime. The remaining dissenting political voices are given a step mother treatment or deliberately plunge them into a difficult state or indirectly intimidate them by delaying the reliefs and incentives. Intimidations are exercised in multiple forms against the northern people such as delaying their reliefs and development, obstructing livelihood, not providing jobs, prevent access to properties and delaying their wages etc etc.

As I stated in my previous articles, the reliefs are distributed in a selective and an incentive basis. By doing this the regime is taking away the democratic choices of the people by burdening them with economic hardship and compromising their support by fowl means. The Rajapaksa government is increasing the cost of living and burdening the people by imposing more taxes and plunging the people into poverty thus by offering perks and benefits to a faction of people who support him. This is an illicit way of gaining support of the people by selectively debilitating them. The regime by giving an assurance to the International community in the last UNHRC session that it will implement the LLRC that it would create a conducive environment for the Tamil refugees living outside Sri Lanka to come to their motherland to meet their loved ones and access their properties instead has started a witch-hunt against Tamils national who are deported from Europe by detaining them in the airport when they arrive by using the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA). By doing this the regime systematically prevent the Tamils coming and settling in Sri Lanka and accessing their properties. The regime systematically colonizes new people from the south to the north to create a synthetic vote bank in border villages where ethnic Tamil lived before the next General and Presidential Elections.

Many private electronic and print media organizations support the Rajapaksa regime by reporting partially or help the regime to conduct its smear campaign against opposition politicos. If any organization or individual unable to counter the repression and undemocratic conduct of the Rajapaksa Regime, instead of combating the violations, inequity and impunity promote and support the regimes authoritarian administration in order to remain free from persecution and threats imposed by the Rajapaksa regime.

The regime by the name of rehabilitation and providing jobs to the former LTTE carders has formed a civil monitoring team and trained the ex LTTE carders to work as informants and spies to provide information about civilian movements to identify people who work against the regime and to identify people working with TNA (Tamil National Alliance) and inform about their activity to the government intelligence. When the civil monitoring team refusing to do so will be victimized by the regime. Whoever is a challenge or threat to the regime is militarily intimidated and politically victimized by the Rajapaksa regime in power.

People in North are prevented and obstructed in exercise their political rights by freely allowing them to engage in political activities. People in the north are often under the surveillance of the military and the civil defense force recruited by the regime.

In the south of Sri Lanka the regime systematically breaking all major political parties by politically victimizing the opposition party politicos by selectively enforcing the bribery and corruption charges against them leaving the most wanted. By doing all this and by the name of ushering peace the regime is portraying a predicament environment where freedom of expression and association is barred. In the recently concluded Northern provincial council elections it is learnt many polling booths are angled in such a way that people casting their vote is visible to the polling agents. This is a clear violation of unable to protect the privacy in using their franchise against their preferred party or candidate as stated in the constitution. This is a kind of an indirect threat against the northern people to monitor the voting pattern of each district secretariat division which supports the TNA. By identifying the people who support the opposition TNA the regime start its which-hunt or oppress that community by selectively and casually implementing the basic infrastructures and the rule of law.

In order to protect the regimes existence the only slogan the regime can carry forward to gain power in the coming elections is nurturing communal hatred to the hearts and minds of the majority Singhalese community against the minorities. By instigating this, the regime tries to preserve the major vote bank from the majority Buddhist Singhalese which is 75% out of total population of SL.
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