New leadership of JVP in Sri Lanka - Part 2

( March 22, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Can JVP get grass root support in Sri Lanka today? Given the past history of JVP it is questionable and not impossible one. JVP is once again emerging as a dynamic political force Sri Lanka. I would argue that it can become a formidable political force in Sri Lanka. Yes, of course, they could become a dynamic political party in Sri Lanka. All indicators and dramatic political trends tell us sooner JVP will dominate Lanka politics. I would argue that weakens of this government and that of opposition give the gold opportunities to get public support. More over JVP of today is totally different from that of past JVP; people had bad memories of JVP in the past and those are by gone days and today JVP is different and they have changed their policies to suit local conditions, needs and demands of all Sri Lankans:

The most senior ministerial posts are with family members and it is nearly some sort of dictatorship that dominates Lanka politics today. It is said Prabaharan tried to carves out North and East of Sri Lanka and yet, MR and his family are trying rob the resources of entire nation in the name of politics and family business. Look at how these people run the country.
They have all inclusive policies and they open say that Lanka belong to all ethnic groups and they want to work with all minority groups: why people did not give their support to JVP in the past? It is because people feared if they come to power people will not be forced to live as people in come communists countries like that of Russia, China and Cuba. People feared that they would not have economic, ‘religious and social freedom. People feared that they will be controlled by government in all aspects of life as stipulated by Marxism political theories: that is fear people had in the minds about JVP during since Wijeweera time until now. Yet, JVP of today has dramatically changed and they have adopted some new political ideas to meet aspirations and demands of people.

JVP should clearly explain their political concepts and principles to people to say that they no longer follow their old political ideas and they should tell people that they no longer follow out-dated political theories of Marxism and communism of old days. They should know that out-dated communism is already dead now. JVP of today should amend and change their political principles in line with cultural, social and economic conditions of our country rather than copying out dated Marxism principles of politics. I think if they could do that they will have a real chance of coming to power in Sri Lanka. Many factors and events tell us that JVP could become once again a formidable political force in Sri Lanka:

Weakness of this government.

I think that weakness of this government is one of the factors that facilitates growth and development of JVP in Sri Lanka: they have already capitalised this weakness. Indeed, thousands of youth once again turn to JVP because of this weakness of this government and the way this weakness is exposed by the new leadership of JVP today. Look at the emotional and charismatic talks of new JVP leader today. Thousands of youths listen to his dynamic talks and these talks are circulated by face books, emails, and text message and by all other means to attract thousands of youths and sooner JVPs message will reach 20 million Lankan houses in each nook and corner of Lanka

Sri Lanka government is every weak today. Internal disputes and discontents are very much apparent within SLFP today. Senior members of the party are marginalised and most of the senior members are waiting to get rid of this family politics as soon as they get opportunities. No senior members of SLFP are humiliated as they have been by this family politics today. Today they are compelled to bow down to many people in family politics not only to MR but also to his sons, his brothers and to his extended family members: It is really shame and humiliation to these senior members to do so.

There is no respect today for seniority in SLFP party and they have been totally ignored and disregarded by family politics of MR. No longer such situation could prolong in Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is not a countries like that of North Korea or Syria to be ruled by one family members as they like

Members from minority political parties may bow down to these family members to safeguard their posts. They do not have options but to listen and obey to this family politics and yet, this is not applicable to senior members of SLFP who dedicated their life for this party even before sons of this present were born. How could senior members of parliament who elected with the majority of votes bow down to entire family members of MR.

It is reported that recently some senior members of SLFP has demonstrated thief displeasure and anger recent time in some events: it is reported that. Basil Rajapakse when to some meeting in some parts of the country and no senior members of SLFP went to receive him and he was agitated over lack of respect to him by some seniors of his party.

It is very much apparent and clear that the country is entirely controlled by MR & co family:

The most senior ministerial posts are with family members and it is nearly some sort of dictatorship that dominates Lanka politics today. It is said Prabaharan tried to carves out North and East of Sri Lanka and yet, MR and his family are trying rob the resources of entire nation in the name of politics and family business. Look at how these people run the country. Widespread corruptions are reported in all departments today. 

It is unprecedented in Lankan history to see this much of corruption.

During perilous governments SLFP senior members maintained their political integrity and respect. They had the political freedom to act and work freely with some political power and influence with sheer numbers of votes they secured in their electorates. In previous governments president and PM use to select his or her cabinet members on the basis of talent, skills, experience and qualifications of elected members of parliaments. Today, there is no place for your qualifications, skills and experiences, if you are a relative or ruling elites or their close friends you could get any positions or post. Example it is reported by JVP leader that the chairman of Katunayake Airport has no formal qualification and yet, he is chairman because he is cousin of MR. and this is pathetic condition of this country. How could expect good productivity if the chairman of Sri Lankan Airport has no qualification. Do not we have qualified people in Sri Lanka to work as a chairman? This is mere political interference and manipulation in the male practice of this country

Even late President Premadasa had his best financial and political advisors and he respected educated people and gave powerful ministerial posts to some able and highly experienced people in politics. During JR time we had some of best heads in cabinets. Today, the situation is today changed and some of members in cabinet do not even have some basic qualifications and even do not know how to talk. Look at the quality of debates in parliament. It is like a street fight in the parliament and sometimes you see childish arguments. Do not they need some qualifications to go to parliament in Sri Lanka? 

To be continued?