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Rajapaksa Duplicity

| by Robinhood

( April 28, 2014, Berlin, Sri Lanka Guardian) To cover the heaping religious and racial extremism and from the disaster of the country and the people is heading, the authoritarian Rajapaksa regime has sponsored and created an external force by the name of Bodu Bala Sena has now proscribed as a terrorist organization by the Terrorist Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC). In order to divert the attention of the attack launched targeting the opposition MP’s in Hambantota and to the culpable tax free casino bill which is presented to the parliament few days ago the regime once again influenced its external force which is run by Gotabaya Rajapaksa to surround the Trade and Commerce ministry and indulge in hooliganism.

It could have been moderately generalized if the enmity was shown to an irregularity committed by the ministry to its people but these robed terrorist surrounded the ministry in order to accuse the minister of giving protection to another robed maniac named Watareka Vijitha which exhibits the shameful disclosure of this activity.

As a Bhuddist it is regrettable to note that Watareka Vijitha running to save his life when this external force surrounded the Mahiyangana Pradeshiya Sabha building on the 22nd of April. The two incidents that is a monk running in fear of another monk and the terrorists behavior of the monks in search of a hiding monk is a quaking fact to any Buddhists. It is lamentable that this extremist Bodu Bala Sena has made a division in the countries monastic by the instigation of the Rajapaksas. Last week when Ven. Watareka Vijitha met President Rajapaksa the latter has said that he too needs to control the Bodu Bala and told ven. Watareka to continue his activities against Bodu Bala so that he will give the required protection. When Ven. Watareka was campaigning against Bodu Bala the regime in reverse sponsored the same Bodu Bala and attacking Watareka is a double game committed by the regime chief.

There are information’s and doubts among the Buddhists that the monks who involve in hooliganism in the Bodu Bala Sena are not true monks but men’s who robe and disrobe for benefits, wear T shirt and mingling with celebrities who are disguised as monks. The judiciary has once accepted that this Gnanasaara is an inebriate. When this Gnanasaara possessed a firearm, now the doubts have increased that these robed monks who surround government institutions and threat police officers are none other than gangsters who are in disguise.

On the 21st of April this Gnanasaara received a 9mm pistol and 50 bullets from the Defense secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa for self protection and met the mahanayake thero of the Malwatta chapter. Generalizing reasons for his extremism Gnanasara received a most encouraging advice from the Mahanayaka. The mahanayake said that monks can either create or change regimes. It is a pity that Mahanayakas cannot understand that these authoritarian regime sponsored Buddhist clergy groups don’t wish to change regimes but to protect this authoritarian regime in power who wants to disorient people. It is sad that this Mahanayaka’s don’t have the required knowledge to tell these Gnanasara at least not to use filthy words in public to protect the dignity of a monk.

Starting its attacks from Muslim business premises the Bodu Bala has now started attacking civil institutions and opposition political parties and finally attacked their own monks who are against them. The Mahanayaka’s too has got nothing worthwhile to do but to entertain whoever and preach whatever who brings gifts to them. If the Rajapaksas who has become millionaires by robbing public funds, burning media institutions, killing journalists and disappearing many people, comes to meet him the mahanayakas speak partial for them. If whoever comes from the opposition they speak biased for them, When Rauff Hakeem comes he speaks in favour of him. When the commander who won the war was taken in to custody there was a conference organized by members of the civil society, despite a bomb threat of the Rajapaksa regime the Mahanayakas were opportunistic to abandon the meeting. Nevertheless if Karuna Amman who bombed the Dalada Makigawa can be offered a ministerial portfolio and give the deputy chairmanship in the Sri Lanka freedom Party (SLFP) and if the Mahanayakas cannot show their resentment there isn’t much left to talk about their integrity. From these events it is clear that there is nothing much practical to expect from these Mahanayakas for the betterment of the people and for the country.

Extremist cover their bestial acts using the religion as a tool and their race as a device. There are hundreds of reasons for them to generalize their terror acts. The civil society who subdue the extremist at the beginning later becomes difficult for the same civil society to control the latter. Finally the same civil society will become the victim of the latter.

Although at the very outset the Tamil peoples struggle started as a liberation movement against the inequity of successive Buddhist Singhalese government later it became an extremist force. It was very visible when the latter disallowed its own people to use their franchise in 2005 elections when the LTTE undertook money from the Rajapaksa regime preventing its people to vote for the presidential elections. When the LTTE didn’t allow the Tamil people to vote for their preference, certain people who support extremism still called them as “Our Boys” and promoted them as heroes. Later in 2009 the same LTTE used these Tamil people as human shield in the final war with the government forces. In this case someone can question that the LTTE was protecting its people from getting killed by the government forces in the final battle. In reverse someone can question more than the government forces showing sympathy for the Vanni victims the LTTE are more accountable to protect their own people, not to drive them to the Nandikadal lagoon and pushing them to a situation to become unfortunate victims and allow them get caught in a cross fire between the forces and the LTTE. If the LTTE had a true will to protect or safeguard its own people in the final war the LTTE could have surrendered via an international intervention so that they could have prevented this massacre and saved the lives of 60,000 people’s without using their own Vanni people as a human shield. By letting a military warfare the LTTE not only got militarily defeated but made the whole Tamil community weaker than before.

At present the Bodu Bala which is rising up is another extremist group. There is a difference of this when compared with the above. Though the above two extremists were against the government this extremist group is sponsored and promoted by the government for its survival to influence ethnic division among the communities. This is more harmful than the above two because the government does not get involved to protect its people against this.

Robinhood – Protecting the rights of the minorities.

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