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Tamil Management

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

( April 28, 2014, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) When TGTE (Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam) was formed after the 2009 Battle of Vanni – I also received emails regarding the formation of TGTE. I strongly proposed that the group developed an Administrative structure of global standards. At that time, Professor Damien Kingsbury of Deakin University expressed positive views about it. Given his academic title – I took that to represent his intellectual investment in the issue of self-governance. But later in February 2010, when Professor Kingsbury expressed strong opposition against President Rajapakse over the arrest of General Sarath Fonseka – I realized that Professor Kingsbury’s level of understanding was elementary in the issue of self-governance. Since then Professor Kingsbury has confirmed that his investment in Administration was also weak. Weak Administration leads to unregulated paths/systems. Hence divisions.

Many organizations lose status due to weak Administration. Tamil groups outside Sri Lanka are largely social groups. Likewise, other community groups including Sinhalese – even those that use the title ‘Sri Lanka’ instead of Sinhalese. The core purpose of Social groups is to find the Truth of others through their own Truth. The most perfect administration starts with Truth and ends with Truth.

Often in social groups including the ones that claim to be committed to healing war victims – there is a high degree of leisure element. If we in Australia, Canada and the UK – are able to celebrate social causes – then we have no moral authority to declare that our people in Sri Lanka are suffering. Focus on the issue that opens the opportunity for us to come together as a group, needs to be stronger than the focus on enjoying ourselves at the physical level. If we surface the core purpose of a meeting to prevent war – it ought to reflect serious commitment to abstain from immediate pleasures. Stated the other way around – if we consolidate the visible outcomes manifested during a meeting – the effect would to reflect the core purpose towards or against war-healing. It’s the parallel of God creating humans and humans go back to God when they lose their body identity particular.

“Issues involving the Tamil Diaspora needs to be dealt in a manner to progress its affairs without getting into unnecessary constraining tactics. The very democratic values that they enjoy in their host countries that is lacking in Sri Lanka must be harnessed to strengthen a better future for the community. With un-hindered access to resources, the very resourceful Tamil Diaspora must work to deal with wide ranging issues involving the Tamils to prove themselves a mature community,” observed in his latest article by Rajasingham Jayadevan.

Most Tamils who migrated to other countries during the war, did not bring with them their investment in Sri Lankan Administrative system. Those who suffered due to the Government more than they benefited – during their whole lifetime since independence – would naturally bring with them their wisdom in how the Sri Lankan system works under an ethnic structure. They would naturally influence the happenings in Sri Lanka – even though they may be living outside.

But those who separate only the war part of their life and claim that they suffered – would be weakening their own opportunities to participate in Administration in their new countries. They are the ones who would carry Negative Energies when those who have suffered more than they have gained due to the Government’s policies and actions, are still in Sri Lanka because they are not able to go anywhere else, even though they want to. Migrants who are conscious of how well they did in Sri Lankan Public Service and use that to take up high positions in social groups in their new countries of residence, to ‘tell’ others, carry the risk- genes that develop Divisions. Likewise those who were administrators in rebel armies and their associated groups.

In terms of democracy, I enjoyed more democracy in Sri Lankan workplaces than I did here in Australia. I may be one of the few exceptions to the norm, but that is my Truth. I started with my Truth as an individual and realized the Truth as an Australian. Even this morning, when I looked out the window at the Australian National flag and the bronze memorial of a soldier and lifesaver holding hands – I felt I had ‘come home’ at national level. To me it is no coincidence that Coogee Beach has become the ‘home’ of Bali Memorial as well as Gallipoli Memorial represented as combined Commonness with Surf Lifesaver memorial. They are all about ‘freedom’ as free as the sea that protects both Island nations – Australia and Sri Lanka.

I believe that the place where one realizes ‘freedom’ carries that Energy and all those who come there with faith share in that Energy. Since my contribution was of the highest national standards - I identify with the Memorials as being structures that represent my life in common with others who fought for Freedom. Like with a painting each one would read as per their own insight.

Migrants to Britain from Sri Lanka seem to be living through their past. Tamil war-migrants were largely under LTTE Administration which was basically military Administration. This would fall short of democratic systems in Western countries. It gets worse when such migrants express themselves at the national level.

If we therefore seek to realize self-governance in our lifetime, we need to rely heavily on our own Truth and therefore the costs we paid to a particular source and the benefits we derived from that source – to know whether that source is right or wrong for us. We form relationships with the ‘right’ ones and keep away from the ‘wrong’ ones. If we are not able to clearly identify with the source – then the measure is the net value over our total lifetime irrespective of the source/s. If that is positive – then we are contributing to the development of structures that the next generation needs. If negative – then we need to first put ourselves through a common Administrative system / analysis or surrender our investment to one with positive values.

As I often say – Management is a combination of reality and principles / policies. Where the reality is stronger than the principle – there is less room for hallucinations.

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