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No Handouts Please for Sri Lanka – We are Sovereign

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

( June 23, 2014, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) There are reports from various quarters about various roles being played by foreign governments in Sri Lanka’s affairs. The pictures in the Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Anti-India Hysteria in Sri Lanka’ by Suryanarayan confirm fear of LTTE in the minds of Buddhist leaders. Ironically, those in the front line look young – the parallels of LTTE’s child-soldiers.

When we condemn someone else beyond our earned and/or natural authority, we become them. That is the law of nature which says are of us all various part of One. Most of us identify with this at various levels through our own experiences. Mere external knowledge would not lead to realization of this. One needs the empowerment of the Truth within to drive the brain to seek commonness. A healthy and orderly brain drives the body in an orderly way. Hence when reporting about what happened – one needs to be driven by that inner Truth for it to give order to our expressions and actions and not damage anyone’s investment in the common pool. Otherwise we have the duty to be observers and not become the social media which has the potential to cause chaos in a global environment. Sometimes no reporting has better value than reporting. When we use what happens in Sri Lanka – without any feelings and without deep investment in Human Communication - but do so for entertainment of our egos – we cause damage to our own brains and those who are influenced by us in our current environments. Those who eat sweets in hiding, have to suffer having medicine by themselves – alone usually in old age. That’s how the brain driven by our bodies punishes us. Ego sweetness in privacy leads to hoarding of information which causes chaos in the brain in old age. Hence the high degree of mental illness in some groups.

In her Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Media’s role in times of turbulence’ Journalist Pearl Thevanayagam cautions us about keeping our balance. Journalists who seek freedom as per global standards, need to ensure that they are driven by their professional requirements of the environment they are seen to be a part of. Global reporters have to demonstrate a higher standard than local reporters. This often requires the global reporter to eliminate that which is strictly local before reporting. Whether one is global or not is determined by the principles and rights one claims to follow and not the physical residence of the person.

Every one of us has the capacity to report. We often report in our regular work. When we take up higher position in social reporting than we did / do in our workplaces and families, we need to ensure that such is based on deep experience for which we would have had to renounce earned benefits through such positions and go deep as individuals without any external influence or support – as many Spiritual leaders did. If we do not satisfy this as individuals – then we need to follow someone who is or limit ourselves to observing only.
Then there are others – innocent civilians – who get attacked and there seems no one to help them. They have the moral authority to share their experience and comfort themselves – but not profit from it. Many refugees start profiting when they seek to share – after receiving compensation – including citizenship in another country. Then they become the problem. Likewise governments that seek global support.

The moment the Sri Lankan Government sought UN’s assistance to get rid of the Tamil Tigers – they undertook the responsibility to abide by UN’s structures and systems – beyond personal belief of the Head of State. The personal belief of the Head of State would have been enough if one had sought genuinely through one’s sovereign powers – going it alone however lonely one felt. Those who do not have such internal strength do need institutional help – for which they need to commit themselves to the structures and systems of the institution whose status they have used. It like the choice between internal healing largely through our mind and natural medications or external medicine under the leadership of a medical professional.

There are times when most of us have felt lonely without support from those in whom we invested. If we are able to withstand the pain from such loneliness and keep going with our life – with only our Truth as our support – we would realize that the loneliness was only in our minds. When we start living in our Truth – we feel we are full - never alone.

Once the Sri Lankan Government claimed ‘sovereignty’ as its defence to eliminate foreigners from the war zone in 2009 – it was on its own. Thereafter – whatever others including the UN said should not have mattered to such leadership. Hence there was no defence needed at the UN level. By making submissions in defence instead of being an observer of that UNHRC process, the Sri Lankan government exposed that it was not genuine in claiming the defence of sovereignty. It therefore interfered with the UN structure and system and hence is unable to protect itself from foreign invasion/interference.

India and Arab nations need to be careful in their response to the current situation in Sri Lanka. India does not have a positive record in terms of Muslims. Arab nations also show poor record in their own home territories. Sri Lankans have enough strength to resolve this ethnic problem – provided we go it alone – on our Truth alone and not to ‘show’. When each one of us uses our true investment in Sri Lanka towards feeling rather than showing – we would have already solved the problem and will identify with the opportunities to share our experience with our global partners – at EQUAL level.
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