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Sushmas’ Visit: Starting for connectivity, regional cooperation and common safety for internal security

| by Swadesh Roy 

( June 23, 2014, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) Upcoming visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs, India Sushma Swaraj to Bangladesh is on 25th instant. It is her first visit after taking charge on 26th May, 2014. In the mean time, she has also visited Bhutan with her Prime Minister. So it is her first individual visit in any foreign country.

Many people and political analyst are looking it very positively, they are gazing some indications from this upcoming visit of Indian Foreign Minister. Her visit indicates that, the new government of India wants to uphold the relationship with Bangladesh, which has been continuing for the last five years. Besides, it is also a message that India wants to settle the disputed matter with Bangladesh, which are pending, like land boundary and the Teasta River’s water sharing treaty issues. Indian present government is very strong in their parliament simultaneously in the mean time, they have shown good gesture regarding unsettle issues with Bangladesh.

 One of their members of parliament Varun Gandhi wrote, India should make Teasta River water treaty with Bangladesh and it is not fair what the chief minister of West Bengal is doing. In the same manner, the Bangladeshi cautious people and the political analyst are thinking that, the present government of India is a very strong government for the mandate of their people so this government will take firm decision regarding the unsettle issues with Bangladesh and India. On the other hand, if Bangladesh and India want to look forward together, these two countries have to do many things in future for their common interest. So for going forward, it is better to settle these type of tiny issues like land boundaries and Teasta River water treaty. 

The visit of Sushma is important but at the same time it is true that the visit is nothing more than starting diplomacy of a new government and for giving a message that in this region India and Bangladesh will be advanced shoulder to shoulder. Indian new Prime Minister has shown a new diplomacy on his oath taking ceremony through the invite of the SAARC leaders. It was a political diplomacy but not the diplomacy of the Indian establishment. It was the decision of Indian new Prime Minister before taking his office, so before taking office and after taking office, decision will be different because in the mean time the marriage has been happened with the Indian establishment and the new central politician Prime Minister of India. So before oath taking ceremony it was seemed that Indian new government wants to make the highest relation with Pakistan but now the scenario is different. The first message of the visit of Sushma is that in this region, Bangladesh is the most important friend to India. In spite of that, Sushma’s visit is a clear message to the Islamic fundamentalist parties of Bangladesh. 

The political crisis of 2013 in Bangladesh was a very crucial crisis for the country. Then fight was between Islamic fundamentalist and the secular forces of Bangladesh. At the time of that crisis in the name of inclusive elections, the west supported Islamic fundamentalist groups but only India showed a vigorous guard in favor of Bangladeshi secular forces. Ultimately, Bangladeshi secular forces won the battle. After defeat, the Islamic fundamentalist group of Bangladesh concluded their balance- sheet that, the UPA government was secular government so they took that risk in favor of Bangladeshi secular forces. That is why, after winning the Hindutva up hold party BJP, the fundamentalist of Bangladesh thought that BJP would not make a good relationship with the secular forces of Bangladesh. Sushma’s visit is a clear message for them that Indian establishment knows well who are the real friends of India in Bangladesh. For a well regional economy to make the region terrorist free is the first priority. That is why Indian establishment knows better what to do. 

However, Indian Foreign Minister’s visit is not only for starting diplomacy of a new government and a message for others but also it is for how to go forward for a good future? So it may be said that, in this visit two neighboring countries will discuss their unsettle issues like land boundaries and the Teasta River treaty. Besides that, they will discuss for more connectivity and the regional cooperation and one of their priorities is internal security of both countries. This visit will be a starting for making connectivity, regional cooperation and common safety for internal securities. 

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, the Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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