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Muslim Jihad & Lankan Buddhism

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

( September 11, 2014, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) “King or Head of State has to Rule the country according to the Law of the Country. This includes defending the country against aggression in its many forms. One of his duties (in Sri Lanka) is also to protect Buddhism but also allow people of our faiths to practice theirs.”

The above response from a Sri Lankan Buddhist is an honest interpretation of the Sri Lankan Government’s actions. If we consider that to be in the right order, then Jihad by Muslims also needs to be viewed as being ‘right’ for the group that is lacking in motivation to look beyond its local borders for order of thought.

Some of us are managers and most of us are managed. The managed need to voluntarily submit to the order of thought of the manager if the two are to live in real peace. When one knows that this is not going to be the case with majority – one needs to have a path structured in such a way that the managed would be rewarded for thinking along the lines of the manager or at least not disputing that order of thinking.

The above response from the Sri Lankan Buddhist was in response to me highlighting the conflict between Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution which states:

‘The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e).’

As per this order of thought – Buddhism by law has priority status over other religions in Sri Lankan governance. This then is in conflict with Equal Opportunity principles and values practiced by global leaders. This is fine – so long as we are independent of those who are independent of religion and/or practice religious equality and we consider such persons to be leaders – at global and /or local levels. Once given particular status it becomes a factor through which to apply authority and allocate grades. If for example, the Australian Constitution were to have similar provision in relation to Christianity – the order of thinking as per that provision would be in conflict with the order of thinking using Racial Discrimination Act 1975.

When we take Muslims who attacked Americans in the name of Jihad – this conflict is quite obvious. Where a group is driven more strongly by religious order of thought than by common secular order it is highly likely that they would resort to religion when they have failures due to management by those of the religion of majority. If therefore they cannot find just outcomes for their efforts – they would use the religious order of thought to restore their status. This is needed by most of us.

Where religion of majority power in that environment is visible these religious minorities would downgrade such groups in their own minds – as not being fit to deliver just outcomes. In addition, they are likely to not have enough opportunities through which to practice their own religious order, compared to those in the countries where their religion is of majority status. Hence they are likely to feel that it is better to die upholding their religious / spiritual power – by showing their superior power against the highest authority in that area. As per their thinking order – the secular system leaders who failed them were wrong because they (the secular system leaders) did not recognize the rights in the minority.

Here in Australia I started off from virtually zero base and I established that I was a high performer. Despite this each time I changed jobs – I had to enter through a lower threshold. I thus know that mainstream Australians do not feel the need to measure accurately – those who seem to be dependents – even when as per the Truth it could be the other way around. The solution in my case was to limit myself to their assessment.

When in 2006, the Supreme Court of New South Wales dismissed my complaint – which included that I was unlawfully arrested for peaceful assembly – I sought to go back to Sri Lanka and live in Vanni – in a Yoga Swami Ashram (Meditation Home) where my brother-in-law already was. Then I got the message that I ought to help Tamils and Muslims. I did not fully understand the depth of it but was conscious of it all the time. My services were thus around minorities. With time I realized that the deeper message was for them to find their own fulfilment through knowledge that our real work is never wasted but that it becomes ownership credit and Universal Energy with time. That realization helps me have the higher experience for which I had to forego earned benefits and opportunities. It’s like savings which develop our consciousness that we need not have concerns about money. It’s this higher consciousness that is shared with others to help them feel secure.

Revenge attacks rob us of the opportunity to develop ownership. A migrant of a strongly different culture to mainstream citizen, who develops this sense of ownership in a new environment carries much higher global value and Universal Energy – than a mainstream citizen feeling that sense of ownership. Both Tamils and Muslims lost these opportunities through their suicide attacks.

The order of thinking of such migrants who realize ownership in a new environment - will be higher than either of the other two groups. They are the tall trees that provide shade to both groups. It’s an opportunity that a migrant over majority. Those who believe in religion believe in God. Humans would fail us from time to time. But God’s system is so perfect that when we are genuine – the credits are received through that system and remain until we need them and others in need need them. That is the only spiritual path to freedom and not revenge attacks.

Governments in turn accumulate negative karma when they continue to use their local cultural order above the common order to practice which they get paid higher benefits than the ones being managed/governed.

Eventually it is about following the highest order of thought in that environment. If we are not able to submit to it because we feel it is good for us – we need to stay away from that higher order and not interfere with it by trying to enforce our order – as government or as Jihad.

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