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Zawahiri wants a look alike ISIS Jihad in Bangladesh!

| by Swadesh Roy writes from Dhaka

(September 11, 2014. Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) Al –Qaeda chief Ayman al Zawahari promised in a video message to spread Islamic rule and raise the flag of Jihad in the Indian Sub-Continent. In this message he told that Indian wing of Al-Qaeda would rescue the Muslim of Bangladesh. Six month earlier he gave another message and told the Muslim of Bangladesh to Join the Jihad. According to the sources of intelligence of Bangladesh government, at least 53 Islamic Militant organizations are working In Bangladesh, but researchers say it is more than one hundred. All the Islamic Militant groups have a connection with Al- Qaeda. Besides that, Bangladesh is the very fertile ground in the world, for terrorism and also for the so-called Jihad, because Bangladesh is the only country where one of the big registered and recognized political party is a terrorist organization. Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) is one of the registered parties which has a mass support, but this party is the main shelter of terrorists and terrorism in Bangladesh. The party chief Khaleda Zia openly supports the terrorism and the terrorist in Bangladesh. Her elder son Tareqe Rahman, senior vice president, currently exile in London, maintains connection with Al –Qaeda and even with the notorious Daud Ibrahim, the most wanted terrorist of India. Most of the allies of BNP are linked with Al –Qaeda and also the Pakistan based terrorist organization Lashkar-e- Taiba(LeT). In Bangladesh, it may be say that if any one link with LeT or Al- Qaeda, that does not matter they all are working together; and they are getting more facilities than other countries because they are getting a shelter by an open and registered political parties like BNP that was in power three times. When BNP and its allies enjoyed the power of Bangladesh,the leader of Al-Qaeda, LeT and others militants groups visited Bangladesh frequently and during that time they made the soil of this country a breeding ground for terrorism.

TIME magazine journalist Alex Perry wrote in 2002(then BNP and its allies were in power) , “According to a source inside Bangladesh Islamic groups with close ties to Al- Qaeda, Al-Zawahiri arrived in Dhaka in early March and stayed briefly in the compound of a local fundamentalist leader. It’s unclear how Al- Zawahiri came to be in Bangladesh, or whether he’s still there. However, a source in the Directorate General of forces Intelligence (DGFI), a Bangladeshi military intelligence agency, told TIME that Zawahiri is believed to have left Bangladesh this summer, crossing over the eastern border into Burma with Rohingya rebels.”

BNP and its allies were in power from 2001 to 2006 in Bangladesh. Then the country was a haven for the terrorist. After coming to power in 2009,Sheikh Hasina is trying her level best to wipe out the Islamic militants and the Indian terrorist, who took shelter and training in Bangladesh and made it their operation station to conduct operations in India from Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina is more or less successful in the case of wiping out the Indian terrorists from her soil but some existence of them are still present in the Indian province of Meghalaya border and one border of the Assam; but Hasina is trying to make it a absolute zero spot and current situation says that she will be successful in this issue. But the question is what will happen to the issue of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism in Bangladesh? The answer of it is very crucial. In the Sub-continent, Bangladesh is in the most precarious position from the point of Islamic Militants. According to the sources, in Bangladesh Islamic Militants have a short-term plan and a long-term plan. In the short-term plane, they want to overthrow Sheikh Hasina’s government. They believe that without militant it is impossible to overthrow Sheikh Hasina’s government. With the wholehearted support of BNP, the Islamic Militant groups of Bangladesh tried this in 2013; they killed more than three hundred fifty people, destroyed more than billion dollars of wealth and even they hurled bombs on the passenger packed transports like buses and trains. More than fifty people with kids and women died from burn. However, they failed ultimately. At that time, they tried to separate one of the western south districts from the administration of Bangladesh government. In that case they also failed eventually.

Sheikh Hasina controlled it with iron hand. Not only she controlled it, but also she successfully conducted elections overcoming all the violence of the BNP and their Islamic Militants allies. After this election, Bangladesh is now a peaceful country. According to a recent survey by an English Daily newspaper, in Bangladesh 72 percent people are happy with the present government. Islamic Militants are now in deep underground. In addition, they have understood the power of the Sheikh Hasina’s iron hand. So, BNP is now very much confined in the room politics, they have no power to come out in the road. At this stage, it seems that Bangladesh is moving forward smoothly without any risk of the Islamic fundamentalist even though the Islamic fundamentalist are trying to empower their strength. With the rise of the ISIS in the Iraq and their success has boosted up the Islamic militants of Bangladesh. According to the sources they are trying to make an Islamic Jihad like ISIS (which is now called IS) in Coxbazer, the eastern south district of Bangladesh. At least half million Muslim Rohingyas are living there illegally. According to intelligence more than eleven Islamic militants organizations are working within the illegal Rohingyas. They are working for a long time to make a buffer state for the Muslims through Jihad. Their plan is that they will make a state by combining the Muslim majority part of Indian province of Assam, Muslim majority part of Arakan, the province of Myanmar and Coxbazer, the costal district of Bangladesh and some hilly district of Bangladesh. It is one of their long-term plans. They think that if they can make an Islamic buffer state in this aria, it will be a strategic place for them to control Bangladesh and the other Muslims of the North East India. Besides, it will help the Islamic Militants of Bangladesh to occupy the land through Jihad. Then they will go ahead to their long-term plan. One of the long-term plans is that, they will give more birth in Bangladesh and in the buffer state even in India. Their plan is that through giving birth Muslim will become the majority in the sub continent in future and then they can easily occupy the sub continent through Jihad.

So, now they are thinking of doing something like ISIS in Coxbazar of Bangladesh. For this reason, two weeks ago before the message of Zawahiri, a group of unknown Arabian people came to the camp of Rohingya and distributed a huge amount of money and some notorious Rohingha militants were seen there. They did it very secretly but one of the Bengali newspapers broke out the news and then the administration of Bangladesh government became alert. Therefore, the visit of unknown people in Rohingya camp for distributing huge amount of money and the video message of Al- Zawahiri it is not a coincidence. Rather, it should aware Bangladesh, Myanmar and the North Eastern province of Assam of India that anything like ISIS Jihad might start in coxbazar of Bangladesh by the Rohingay and the BNP and its Islamic militants may help them. On the other hand, the Muslim Militants of Myanmar and Assam can join there like Iraq. It will be a wrong decision, if any county of this subcontinent and Myanmar take the message of Zawahiri none seriously. Rather they should take it seriously that there is a probability of ISIS like Jihad in Coxbazar of Bangladesh.

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, the Daily Janakantha, and Dhaka, Bangladesh and he is regular columnist with Sri Lanka Guardian. He can be reached at swadeshroy@gmail.com

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