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Rajapaksa & His Deception

| by A Special Correspondent

( November 12, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) No doubt today is a black day for each and every Sri Lanka who love justice and rule of law to prevail. Today ( November 10) is a black day  for the legal system of Sri-Lanka. Today we see how 20 million people are cheated by one man with support of 10 so called judges who betrayed the nation of 20 million. No doubt that some of them may have been threatened or have been bribed by MR ( Mahinda Rajapaksa) and co. It is not a difficult for MR to do such a dirty job. The man who robbed the tsunami money and the man who bribed Prabakaran to defeat Ranil and the man who bribed many UNP MPs to crossover would not hesitate to do this dirty politics and deceive our legal system. Sri Lanka has had a rich and decent political culture with well-established democratic traditions and norms. Today all these democratic traditions and rule of laws are buried under the carpet by this crafty one man: if this is not a dictatorship what would be a dictatorship? This is a clear cut dictatorship and deception.

What is the difference between this and a political coup?

It is a sad and dark day for all human right groups, students of politics, lawyers, academic, religious leadership and political parties. MR managed to fool all of them today with his tricks and deception. This is nothing but a political dishonesty and deception.

Political history of this nation has been rewritten in Sri Lanka by black ink that was choked with craftiness and deception in a broad day light. It is a sad day for all of us! This beautiful country is descending into a chaotic political unrest soon because of this inappropriate action of this power greedy man.

What we expect next. I'm sure he will win his third term by any means. He will punish all his enemies once he elected as he did in the last time. He is not a man of decency and honesty rather he is a power hungry man who wants rule until he dies or until he replaces his sons. Everyone knows this election is “do or die" election for him and for his family in Sri Lanka. That is why he wants to rush this election before his popularity goes down. He has got more than two years for the presidential election and yet why is rushing it now. He knows well that day by day people dislike him and people cannot afford to live in Sri Lanka because of price hiking and economic hardship. His mega projects are utter failures. People know that. The country will need to pay back interest to china for many decades and economic consequence of all these mega projects are well known to academics of this country. yet they cannot open their mouths.

What are long term consequences of MR's crafty political tactics? People will lose their hope in democracy. The international community will put more procures on Sri Lanka in many impending issues. The political unrest would soon prevail in Sri Lanka. People will start feeling economic hardship and international investment will go down. People will be scared of investing in Sri-Lanka as soon as Sri-Lanka descends into a political unrest. We know well since the independence Sri Lanka has had many political unrests and coup attempts.

I wonder this crafty action might lead our country into dark days of unrest once again.

Young people may go back to violence with this unlawful and crafty manipulation of rule of law in the country. JVP insurgency may come back and even some sort of coup will be ignited any time. All opposition parties will demonstrate against this. I anticipate that the country will descend into days of demonstrations and violence as what happens in some Arab countries or in some other third world countries. How long MR could play around with his dirty politics. I think MR is suffering from some hysteria and psychological fear in his mind that he would be send to jail or something would happen to him he leaves politics now. That is why unlike all previous presidents he is determined to stay in power until he dies or replaces one of his sons.

This is an understandable fear given condition he is in right now. He has earned lots of enemies today. Many want to take revenge from him and he knows well that all his corruption changes will come out soon he leaves his job. So it is his “do or dies “situation. He will do whatever he could to save his life. It is similar to someone who is caught up in danger or life threatening situations. His survival instinct is alerted now to save his life. MR is in this precarious situation. He does not want to end up in jail and it would mean his entire family faces hard time ahead. He will buy any one with money and power to save his life. I can understand that in this context it is not a strange what all 10 judges did. They did this under duress. They cannot make up their mind independently in Sri Lanka in a issue like this. They will put their life in danger if they go against MR and co. They know that well. So you cannot blame them for this decision. All truth will come out once MR is dead or dislodged from his seat of power. Time will tell us that.

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