Blame the conspirators, not Ranil

(September 19, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Ranil’s brand of politics which is law-abiding, non-aggressive, non-avaricious for power and gentlemanly, certainly is not going to pay any dividends to the people who voted for UNP policies or his colleagues who are planning to revolt against him for his failure to win elections.

In a situation where the President is able to lure members of other parties by bribing with portfolios which allow them to enjoy life at public expense, there is hardly anything that anyone could do to win elections in a democratic way.

When Ranil’s uncle J.R. Jayewardene framed the present constitution he knew the loopholes in it and hence, had obtained undated letters of resignation from those who were elected from the UNP as a precautionary measure to prevent them from betraying the trust reposed on them by the people.

The crossover of 18 UNPers to the government under Ranil’s leadership has cost the country tremendously and has left high and dry thousands of young and old who voted for them in the belief that they would work to lighten their burdens. It has also resulted in the wastage of billions worth of national assets which are nothing but the poor man’s money.

The prevailing lawlessness, starvation, malnourishment among children due to the sky rocketing cost of living are the endowment of these turncoats to those who placed their trust in them.

It is therefore necessary that future amendments to the constitution should include checks to prevent MPs elected from one party from crossing over betraying the trust reposed on them by the voters.

Ranil is an experienced and decent politician who at any cost would not descend to the level of keeping company with criminal elements whose behaviour is a slur on all Sri Lankans.

Ranil could be compared to a dove before the President who like a roaring lion is ready to attack anyone who dares to oppose him, with the backing of his brothers holding key posts in government. He also uses the LTTE factor to boost his ‘Dutugemunu image’ to win political power in his favour.

Ranil or any other who takes over the leadership of the UNP at this juncture will find it difficult to stand up to the government unless he like what Mark Anthony did by his speech at the funeral of Julius Ceasar, ousts the conspirators. Concerned Citizen
- Sri Lanka Guardian