Pillayan damns Karuna and High Noon inevitable

Sri Lanka Guardian understands from reliable sources that Pillaiyan in a fit of anger and also reacting from his inner animosities against Karuna Amman screamed at him with such words as, “You are the Sinhalese b____r and only depending on Sinhala regime’s power and a traitor to the Tamil people.”

A Sri Lankan Guardian Special Report

(September 25, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lankan political scenario ever since independence has been a pathway of adversarial doom, a nemesis that continues to plague us and we see no end to it. Name calling, vengeance, disloyalty and political "turncoatism" have all been rampant and so much so it has become the political culture unique to this country.

Even the terrorists who are supposed to be tight-knit in their loyalty are no exception. Those in the so-called liberation struggle have shown deadly rivalries among reach other and during the last four or five decades, the country’s political achievements have included streams of blood being spilt. This nightmare continues.

Now we have the latest of the struggle which was of course obvious for sometime among the TMVP between the founder leader Vinayagamoorthy Muralidaran alias Karuna Amman and the deputy leader and provincial chief minister Shivanethathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillaiyan.
Sri Lanka Guardian understands from reliable sources that Pillaiyan in a fit of anger and also reacting from his inner animosities against Karuna Amman screamed at him with such words as, “You are the Sinhalese b____r and only depending on Sinhala regime’s power and a traitor to the Tamil people.” A strong ill-feeling towards each other has been developing between them for over a year now and is working towards a crescendo and the final scene may be enacted with what has become normal in Sri Lanka.

A High Noon can occur any time in the East!

As a result of this bitter combat struggle many TMVP cadres have gone missing and one of its political wing leaders Thileepan was killed. Thileepan’s wife who lives in Kokkaddicholai along with other four members of her family in dreadfully unhealthy conditions was visited by a team from Sri Lanka Guardian for first hand reports about what has befallen the TMVP and what the people of the East are faced with as a result.

We cannot unfold her whole story because of security restrictions. She told us one day a few members of the TMVP came to her house and said Thileepan was killed in one of the camps in Batticaloa. She then proceeded to share her memories of their lives together. The story was typical just like every youth who has taken to the liberation struggle with great hopes but perishing in despair because the leadership was ego-manic and visionless.

The liberation struggle was nurtured by corrupt governments, both politicians and bureaucrats and insensitive outsiders who began to meddle in the country’s affairs.

“She has now lost her husband and she has four months old baby who will grow up and ask for his father,” her father in law, a labourer told the Sri Lanka Guardian team.

We have heard many saying Pillaiyan’s administration of the east is bad. Recently many widows of the area who have lost their husbands and also their sons in this liberation war attacked the chief minister for the dreadful conditions of their lives.

There is a kind of Arctic-Antarctic War going within the TMVP between the two leaders, Pillaiyan and Karuna Amman. Just a few days ago Pillaiyan and his two confidantes Azad Maulana and Raghu met some top level Indian experts at the Indian High Commission office in Colombo. It is presumed they discussed certain plans that could take shape in the very near future.

Chief Minister Pillaiyan also visited Tokyo recently and until the trip was finalized, the government was not aware that Raghu was also joining the Tokyo mission. In earlier reports Sri Lanka Guardian has revealed the background of Raghu and there is everything to be concerned about it.

Some members of the TMVP are quite concerned about the integrity of Azad Maulana. He is the spokesperson for Chief Minister Pillaiyan and also believed to be the media director of the TMVP. He has been known to release statements of great consequence that were suspect and on occasions found to be false. In some cases, the police reports gave different accounts conflicting with those released by Azad Maulana.

In the shooting incident where Radhika Devakumar was seriously wounded Azad Maulana called his media friends in Colombo within five minutes of the incident and blamed the LTTE for the outrage on a journalist. But the real story was totally different from that of Azad Maulana

A senior member of the TMVP told Sri Lanka Guardian that the media persons must be truthful and responsible but in the case of Azad Maulana he thinks he is a know-all professor but he is quite shallow and hardly knows anything of a serious nature. There was that apology of Pillaiyan about a statement he made claiming that an unofficial pro-LTTE website knowing about the assassination of Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar even before the terror mission took off that night to do their deadly deed.

Two days ago Azad Maulana and Raghu were found armed with 9mm pistols at the entrance to a Provincial Council meeting. A strong argument ensued when Wasantha, a political activist and colleague of Minister Basil Rajapaksa questioned about them being armed. Wasantha has been quite critical about the work of these two people in the Eastern Province Political Council.

This incident occurred the day after Pillaiyan told the US Ambassador Robert Blake that all non-cadre personal must disarm. One wonders how many of Pillaiyan’s non-cadre colleagues carry arms! Because of the LTTE threat many senior members of the government carry arms. Pillaiyan keeps telling foreign diplomats that the TMVP likes to disarm but the government is against it.

Time is running out in the east. There are enemies within and without and there is no one there to take strong independent decisions. Every one, it seems are depending on every one else afraid to take decisions. It is chaos entrenched and out of this more chaos will be generated and the outcome will be anarchy. We are well on the path to reach that desolation. This is Sri Lanka 2008; the pointer is that 2009 will be worse just like 2008 was to 2007 and 2007 to 2006 going back in streams of blood and horror to 1958 when Sri Lanka took leave of its senses.
- Sri Lanka Guardian