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The TNA will not go after Mayor’s office

By V. Anandasangaree
President – TULF & Secretary – DTNA.

(June 08, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Democratic Tamil National Alliance considers the TNA, as the first and the worst enemy of the Tamil People. They should take full responsibility, among many other matters, for the loss of several thousands of lives and for causing injuries for many more. One in ten in the IDP camps has some deformity. Many have become widows, widowers and orphans. The kith and kin of some are either dead or still missing. Almost all have lost all their belongings such as house-hold goods, Lories, Vans, Tractors, Trailers, Three-Wheelers, Motor-Cars, Motor-Cycles, their dairy farms, their poultry and their poor children lost their studies.All have become paupers now. They will find hardly anything left when they return to their homes one day. All these or atleast 90 % of these could have been saved and total displacement could have been avoided if only the TNA had the forethought to advise the LTTE to release the people from their grip, to go anywhere they liked. The TNA is blamed for this because, when everyone, every organization, every country, the EU, the UN etc. had made this request specifically, only the TNA kept on asking for the war to stop. When the 8000 students who sat for the G.C.E(O/L) exam were taken away for compulsory training by the LTTE the TNA kept mum. Some of them are now dead and others are under detention by the Government. Where are the children and grand-children of the TNA MPs. Will the TNA atleast now tell the world as to what happened to the students at Sencholai.

Who are these gentleman of the TNA now wanting to form an alliance with the DTNA. They are the people whom the LTTE elected to represent them in parliament fraudulently and it is they who unashamedly claimed the LTTE as the sole representatives of the people. The LTTE is no more and hence they do not need any representation in Parliament. Under the Present circumstances the most honourable action the TNA can take or must do is to quit parliament without clinging on to that office. Neither the PLOTE nor the EPRLF(Pathmanabha) gave any indication to Mr. Srikantha who met me by appointment and the other two by accident. As for me I will not touch the TNA even with a “pole”. The dead, the injured and those living in the IDP camps deprived of all their rights will not pardon us if we have any deal with them. The TNA should not under-estimate our alliance partners who cannot be bought over with a mayor-ship or with any membership in Parliament as they sold themselves in April 2004.

For five years I fought a lone battle, amidst threat to my life, unbearable humiliations etc. I was also christened as a “traitor”. I now feel exonerated. Let the souls of the dead haunting our homes bless me and not curse me.
-Sri Lanka Guardian


Nagananda said...

Mr Ananda Sangaree has proved to all Lankans that he is a respectable political leader. Truly, this man disserves respect of all Lankans for his firm stand against the TNA and LTTE and for his tolerance when the Tamil speaking fellow citizens suffered tremendously in the hands of LTTE and their proxy MPs TNA.
Now the war is over. Mr Ananda Sangaree played his part in the war against the LTTE. On behalf of all Lankans, he has every right to take a firm stand against the government if it fails to address the true causes for the creation of JVP and LTTE.
Enough is enough. People want value for money. Nobody wants politicians who fail to deliver. All Lankans will be with Mr Ananda Sangaree in his none violent demands for justice for the innocent people of Sri Lanka who suffer in the hands of corrupt political system since independence, providing he preserve his stand as a political leader with no boundaries.

www said...

Dear sir,I salute you for your stand against the brutal LTTE during the worst times of all and deeply sympathize with you about the plight of displaced tamil community.Lots of work to be done and no point in digging into old wounds.I believe Sinhalese of south should go to Jaffna first and build a modern library to Jaffna youth to resurect the harmony.I can still remember the anguished faces of my educated sinhalese parents as a litte child after hearing that brutal act of cowardice by useless illiterate thugs.These short sighted acts led to the way of loss of thousands of valuable lives fromboth sides.Please take the reins and never let it slip back to a second prabhakaran.We can live inthis country together and majority of sinhalese admire and respect you for your dignified political career.

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