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Media Minister accuses former President of discrediting Govt.

(September 17, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Media Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa today accused former President Chandrika Kumaratunga of attempting to discredit the government by telling the Indian media that there is an atmosphere of fear in Sri Lanka despite the end of the war.

"Even I care for my life. It is a government of my party (Sri Lanka Freedom Party) that is in power. Still even I don't feel safe," Kumaratunga, who was on a personal visit to Kerala, had told reporters in India.

The Minister said the former President has been allocated 80 security personnel and 12 vehicles.

The security personnel include one Superintendent of Police (SP) three Chief Inspectors (CIs), three Inspectors of Police (IPs), nine sub inspectors (SIs), 18 sergeants, 27 constables, one Woman Police Constable (WPC), eight police drivers,one Captain and 12 Army personnel.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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kahagalle said...

This woman really is a disgrace for Sri Lanka. Talking about fear, we lived a terrible life under her leadership. With emergency regulations in force throughout their administration all these past leaders ruled the country with extra powers vested in them. However the ordinary person lived in such a fear that a family dared to take the same mode of transport during their rule. The politicians did go about with an entourage of security personal. How about Mrs. CBK though she was the head of state for two terms, she had more security personal attached to the Presidential Security Division during her tenor. She also got her uncle who was only a Volunteer Officer of the Sri Lanka army promoted three rankings over in one gazette notification to be the Minister of Defense. Why this woman is crying foul now. She should have gone away from the political spectrum gracefully. Now she has opened her foul mouth, she should be penalized with her security withdrawn to make a statement to the world that Sri Lanka is the place to be.

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