Sri Lanka in the league of failed states

by Rajasingham Jayadevan

(October 11, London, Sri Lanka Guardian)
According to Failed States Index of the Foreign Policy publication, Sri Lanka is fifth in the second league of twenty failed states for the year 2010.

The worst performer is Somalia in the first league topping the list scoring 114.3 points. Sri Lanka is 25th with the score of 95.7 points.

Sri Lanka has been ranked 22nd in 2009, 20th in 2008 and 25th in 2007. Though it achieved its ranking to the 25th in 2010 like in 2007, its scoring rate in the league has gone up from 93.10 to 95.70.

Scoring rate for last four years are: 2010 – 95.70, 2009- 96.70, 2008 – 95.60 and 2007 – 93.10.

The ranking has pushed downward because, some countries outperforming Sri Lanka in the failed states league. The 2010 scoring index gives alarming signals that Sri Lanka is progressing towards entering the first 20 failing states in the league with its ever escalating bad governance.

The Failed Text Index assessed the states under twelve important governing issues. These are democratic pressures, Refugees IDP’s, Group Grievance, Human Flight, Uneven Development, Economic Decline, Demilitarisation of the State, Public Services, Human Rights, Security Apparatus, Factionalised Elites and External Intervention. Sri Lanka was rated extremely badly on Refugees IDP’s, Group Grievance and Factionalised Elites scoring over 9 points. Overall the assessment under each of the categories is over 5 points.

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