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Lanka & Libya

LTTE on the other hand was listed as a terrorist group by the UN. This indicates to me that the Global bodies dominated by the West could not bring the LTTE under their influence. Hence in effect LTTE and the Tamils who expressly supported the LTTE kept Global Governments away from Sri Lanka and saved the Presidency.
by Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam

(August 25, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) I respond to the article ‘The Greasy President’ by Rajasingham Jayadevan, published in Sri Lanka Guardian.

Like with Jayadevan, my mind went to how Sri Lanka would see and feel about Libya’s experience? Unlike Jayadevan, I did not focus just on the President but also on all those who speak even now against LTTE and JVP. We rebel against governments in our lives – starting with family. Unless we are able to ‘experience’ the rebellion – it is usually for benefits (money & status) and needs to be regulated as per the strongest culture / laws of that environment. Such regulated path would give form to our work and hence would help wider society. All others are for momentary pleasures and are likely to be wasted and/or damage the environment.

Recently, a Sri Lankan official said that Australian Government needs to be cautious about Refugees – because according to him there was no problem in Sri Lanka now that the LTTE has been defeated. Jayadevan himself says ‘After having defeated the LTTE outright, the government is accusing the international effort of war crimes against it as the work of the LTTE rumps and trying to rally the international community against the democratic agitations and the outcry of the Tamil brethrens ejected out of the country as exclusively LTTE effort.’

According to this – to Jayadevan, the LTTE has been defeated outright. I take it that Jayadevan is pointing to the actions of Tamils who are more independent of the Sri Lankan Government, than the resident Sri Lankan, now that they are living outside Sri Lanka. There is value in the actions of Tamils outside – but only to the extent they are ‘free’ of the parallel in their current countries of residence. Usually the expressions and actions of such independent persons/groups – would be beneficial at global level. Is the Libyan experience one that shows such independence or have they now become dependent on the West? To the extent NATO undertook actions to help rebels, Libya now needs to be under their management until Libya is able to stand on its own feet.

LTTE on the other hand was listed as a terrorist group by the UN. This indicates to me that the Global bodies dominated by the West could not bring the LTTE under their influence. Hence in effect LTTE and the Tamils who expressly supported the LTTE kept Global Governments away from Sri Lanka and saved the Presidency. If not for the feelings of Tamils against Sinhalese and v.v – the whole of Sri Lanka is likely to have fallen under the direct influence of Western forces. Fear of this was confirmed by the Government of Sri Lanka expelling the West from Vanni – before the last battle.
Hence one concludes that at the global level the two are not considered to be identical. Without LTTE – the Tamil Cause would not have become global. In action, most Global conscious countries – including India do act in support of the Tamil Cause. I go back to the actions of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in agreeing to legal ownership of Kachchatheevu to be Lankan. To me, this was confirmation of how Mrs. Indira Gandhi felt at that time towards the first Woman Prime Minister of the world. Also – as a woman Mrs. Gandhi would have felt for the difficulties Mrs. Bandaranaike also would have experienced in Sri Lanka. I felt this when I was facilitated to meet with Madam Kumaratunga in 2005. These are silent communications which are not always facilitated by the official path. But those who genuinely identify with the person and/or the issue – would know the path – the connection between effect and cause. Our karma is based on real work and damage to that work and not on that which is shown. That which is shown usually does not show from the root. Hence it is temporary in its real use – for better or for worse.

Showing LTTE as being defeated, to win votes would have brought with it the fear of losing votes with allocations to Tamils as per LTTE demands. This to me is President Rajapakse’s reality. He now does not have the parallel of Mrs. Indira Gandhi on the other side; nor is he the parallel of Mrs. Bandaranaike.

At the international level – the post-war statements by the Government are around their military victory and this confirms fear of defeat. At the physical level victory cannot exist without defeat. If the fear is felt by Tamils – then there is value in such ‘showing and telling’. The expressions of Diaspora Tamils confirm that Tamils do not feel that fear. Those resident in Sri Lanka would feel fear to the extent of their dependence on Government. The rest is as each person’s interpretation. It’s this rest that we need to regulate through a common path using global principles if it is to preserve all our genuine work towards strengthening society.

As a Global citizen – I feel enough positives through not only genuine Sri Lankans but also Tamils – to work the Sri Lankan system. So long as there is at least one such person – there is no need for Lanka to go through Libya’s experience in removing the Government. In fact – any move towards that would damage our stronger investment in Democracy compared to Libyan citizens. The Leaders may look similar – but the People are vastly different. To me, Sri Lankans are more independent than Libyans of the West, due to their investment in democracy. The more we invest without return the more we become that system. Amongst Sri Lankans – Tamils to me are more independent than Sinhalese for the same reason. But the more we depend on money and/or status the less independent we become. This is the weakness that Tamils need to prevent if they are not to become like the Sri Lankan Government. Towards this we must fight for our earned status as per our assessment (as I did here in Australia with Australian leaders) and accept the rest as bonus or sacrifice what has been denied, to include those custodians of power as part of us. That is how I feel Australian and to me ‘look’ Australian through my grandchildren who look white. In real terms I am Global due to this and hence I do not depend on any Western Government for my independence. I am grateful to my Hindu Culture and the Mantra Tat Tvam Asi (Thou Art That) for leading me through the final stages of this path to real independence. Real Ownership is Independence. When we don’t wait for anyone to endorse us we are also seen to be independent.

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