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Kalaignar Karunanidhi! Awake! Arise! Perform a historic duty!

- The Sudar Oli Editorial

(July 09, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) LTTE political Wing leader P.Nadesan has put forward an acid test to ascertain whether Dr.Karunanidhi is an ordinary politician, who leads a state, or whether he is a revered leader of the Tamils all over the world. Yes! Nadesan has made an appeal to Dr.Karunanidhi, Tamilnadu Chief Minister, to rally the support of all political parties in Tamilnadu and extend his solidarity with the freedom struggle of the Tamil people.

He made this appeal in his interview with Kumutham, a famous Tamil weekly journal published from Tamilnadu.

In his interview, Nadesan has subtly pointed out that the Tamilnadu Chief Minister has a moral obligation to be supportive of the struggle of the Lankan Tamil people, their brethren, to win their rightful, legitimate, fair demands for life with honour in their homeland.

He has clearly expressed that Dr.Karunanidhi's love for Tamils is undoubtedly unquestionable and that he is concerned about the plight of the Lankan Tamil people.

Nadesan has the right and the closeness with Dr.Karunanidhi to make this appeal. Many are little aware of the intimacy between Dr.Karunanidhi and Nadesan.

During the middle of the eighties, when the LTTE was functioning in Tamilnadu, it was Nadesan who engaged in dialogues with Dr.Karunanidhi on behalf of the LTTE. In fact Nadesan won the affection of Dr.Karunanithy and was his confidante in a way.

Not only that in the early 90's, after the Indian Peace Keeping Force had left the shores of Sri Lanka, Nadesan had held talks with Dr.Karunanidhi on behalf of the LTTE.

It is Nadesan of that caliber that has made this appeal to Dr.Karunanidhi to transcend the borders of the state politics, Indian national politics and support the cause of the Tamils, taking into cognizance the reality today.

In his appeal couched in diplomatic language, he points out that he must not be caught in the mire of the politics of the Centre and shirk the great responsibility that lie on his shoulders today.

Kalignar Karunanidhi occupies a prestigious position not only as a chief minister but also as a senior most politician, who wields influence in the centre. There is anguish in the minds of the Tamil people all over the world that he has failed to play his role and to criticize the centre when necessary.

Will Dr.Karunanidhi awake, arise and perform his historic duty towards the Lankan Tamil people at their hour of distress?

(An English translation of the Editorial in the Sudar Oli, a Tamil daily, based in Colombo)
- Sri Lanka Guardian


Lankan said...

Why would Dr.Karunanidhi want to get involved to save LTTE terrorists who have killed thousands of Tamils? All tamils are better off without them.

monkey said...

I agree with lankan why would Dr Karunanidhi get involved with the LTTE barbarian terrorists when the LTTE has killed so many tamils and destroyed the future of thousands of tamil children by making them child soldiers?!

The LTTE has destroyed the tamil cause and heaped extreme hardship on the tamils and to a certain extent the sinhalese

of course the tamil people need more political power in the form of devolution or a federal solution and such solutions will automatically come and grow organically when there is love, peace and brotherhood between the sinhalese and the tamils

The liberation of the sri-lankan tamils and the sinhalese are one and the same and one is not exclusive of the other and what is needed is the liberation of the sri-lankan people!

It is the historic duty of the Lanka guardian at least for the sake of the children to promote peace and harmony between the sinhalese and the tamils and not give in to extremism of the LTTE variety and publish such extremist comments.

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